• Mastering Project Human Resource Management
  • Who Stole My Customer??: Winning Strategies for Creating and Sustaining Customer Loyalty, 2nd Edition
Sports Performance Measurement and Analytics: Anatomy and Physiology
Sports Performance Measurement and Analytics: The Science of Assessing Performance, Predicting Future Outcomes, Interpreting Statistical Models, and Evaluating the Market Value of Athletes

Understanding the basics of anatomy and physiology is fundamental to obtaining a more comprehensive knowledge of what it means to be an athlete.

By Lorena Martin - February 21, 2016
Integration: What It Is, What It Isn't, and Why You Should Care
Achieving Supply Chain Integration: Connecting the Supply Chain Inside and Out for Competitive Advantage

Learn why efforts to achieve true business integration must be driven both from the top down and from the bottom up.

By Chad W. Autry and Mark A. Moon - February 19, 2016
Two Meta Trends Shaping the Competition
Competing for Customers: Why Delivering Business Outcomes is Critical in the Customer First Revolution

Why is mastering the art of customer success delivery so important and so urgent? Simply speaking, it's because we believe it will be an indispensable capability for thriving in the face of two meta trends of the next decade: the Customer First Revolution and the Subscription Economy.

By Jeb Dasteel, Amir Hartman, Craig LeGrande - February 18, 2016

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