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Inviting Respondents and Collecting Their Ratings

There are multiple sources of consumers that can be invited to participate in the project. In many cases, visitors of the websites could be "intercepted" for a short survey.

In this case, the respondents were invited from a web panel. Six thousand invitations were e-mailed to random panel members. There were 431 responses, and 340 of them completed the survey.

Each respondent evaluated 36 unique pages out of thousands created by the experimental design (Figure 2 has two sample screens).

Respondents rated each of the screens on a 1 to 9 rating scale, answering this question: How interested would you be in purchasing GOLF GEAR from this website? (1=Not at all interested... 9=Very interested).

At the end of the survey, the respondent answered a short classification (demographic) questionnaire. One of the questions was used to screen out non-golf players. This process left 125 qualified respondents.

Figure 2

Figure 2 Two sample screens of the interview. Each respondent has a unique set of landing page variations.

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