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Most of the projects that use respondents from online panels utilize a screener that selects respondents who are qualified to participate in the project. In our case, we screened unqualified respondents out during the data processing based on the classification questionnaire.

All the respondents who indicated that they do not play golf were removed from the dataset. This left us with 125 qualified respondents out of 340 that completed the survey.

The screening process makes data more targeted by removing the "noise" out of respondents’ data. Surprisingly, in this case, the removal of 63% of the total completed surveys did not change the data radically—the winning elements were winning and the losing elements were losing in both the full set and the screened subset (the absolute values of the utilities were different).

Specifically, the feature picture is similarly important to the full data set, to the players’ only subset and to any subgroup and segment we tested. One hypothesis is that there are some general rules of acceptability of landing page design for both users and non-users. This hypothesis, of course, has to be tested on many projects. If it proves to be true, it may have major implications for web design.

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