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Psych It Up

Just like when you're trying to become more physically fit, sure you need to count calories and fat grams, but you need to psych yourself into it first. You need to accept your current weight and your bad habits, understand why you are having difficulties, commit to goals, and get into the right eating and exercising habits for long-term health. The same is true of turning the corner with your finances. It is critical that you first establish and learn how to maintain certain behaviors in order to secure your finances now and ensure future wealth building throughout life.

  • To psych yourself rich, you need willpower, a confident spirit, intuition, a commitment to your personal and professional goals, and sometimes a little thinking outside the box.

It's not enough to examine pie charts, pay your bills on time, clip coupons, and subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. That's all wonderful, but building a sound financial foundation that will last for your entire life is a mental and behavioral journey, not unlike trying to live healthier, transitioning to a new job, or preparing for a marathon. When you find yourself stuck answering questions like...

  • Should I buy or rent?
  • How do I make extra money?
  • Where to invest my money?

...you'll only have to refer back to your personal financial philosophy, your goals, and your strengths and weaknesses to give you most if not all of the answers you need. This book will give you the right tools to understand and address key issues from your relationship to money to your personal and financial obligations.

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