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Maximize the Talent You Have

Realize that this process isn’t a one-time quick-fix. You’ll need to invest time in these steps on a regular basis in order to see results. When you make that effort, not only will you gain a much deeper understanding of your team, but you’ll find some surprises. Some of your "lost causes" will take on new value; and for those who don’t, you’ll experience a lot less stress as you move them along, knowing that you gave it your all. In a market this tight, be assured that your competitors are facing the same issues. Getting this right can give you a real competitive advantage.

Vince Thompson, a former executive for AOL, is a principal at Middleshift, a consulting company focused on creating revenue for Internet businesses by empowering those in the middle and super-serving customers. His book Ignited: Managers! Light up Your Career for More Power, More Purpose, and More Success is available from FT Press. Register for exclusive content and updates at http://www.BeIgnited.com.

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