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A Social Media Reading List by Jamie Turner
By Jamie Turner
May 9, 2012
Social media marketing expert Jamie Turner shares some of his favorite books for learning how to use social media to market and grow your business.
A Software Developer's Guide To Stock Options
By Ivan Godard
May 13, 2004
A start-up company offers you a great opportunity—with stock options. It's a great deal, isn't it? Perhaps not. In this short article, you'll learn the least you need to know about your own options.
A Taxing Situation for Telecommuters
By Richard Santalesa
Apr 15, 2005
Work remotely for a New York State-based employer as an employee? Then, get thee to your accountant immediately!
A World of Wealth: How Capitalism Turns Profits into Progress
By Thomas G. Donlan
Jul 29, 2008
Thomas G. Donlan looks at the world through the powerful lens of capitalist investment and productivity.
Accelerated Corporate Transformation: The Foundations
By Robert H. Miles, Michael T. Kanazawa
Jan 22, 2016
The authors of BIG Ideas to BIG Results introduce their book, which offers a simple, proven, results-driven approach that has underpinned some of the most successful corporate transformations of our time.
Achieving Balance in Your Life: A Blueprint for a Strong Foundation
By Erica Orloff, Kathy Levinson
May 21, 2004
Do you work too many hours at a passionless job? Is your spiritual, social, and marital life suffering? Is your life out of balance? The authors of "Walking the Tightrope" explain how to take control of your life.
Activities Rule! Not the Clock: Don't Be a Slave to Time
By Mark Woods, Trapper Woods
Oct 15, 2012
Mark and Trapper Woods offer an easier way to approach the time challenges we face today in this chaotic world.
After September 11: The Bumpy Road to a New Normalcy
By James W. Cortada, Edward Wakin
Jun 7, 2002
The events of September 11 call for an assessment of changes and for a confrontation rooted in reality — the reality of technology as the great facilitator and enabler; globalization as an overpowering centripetal force; decentralization as a driving force in business, geopolitics, and terrorism; and empowerment of the powerless as active players in the balance of power. These are the realities of the new normalcy.
Age Smart: Discovering the Fountain of Youth at Midlife and Beyond
By Betty Liu, Jeffrey Rosensweig
Jun 2, 2006
Aging well isn't about trying to appear young with plastic surgery and personal trainers. It's about living a physically and emotionally healthy life after midlife, and this chapter will help you get started on the path to aging well.
America's Four Growth Drivers Stall and Our Economy Stagnates
By R. Glenn Hubbard, Peter Navarro
Sep 8, 2010
How can America reharness the vibrant productivity growth of the private sector and resume its journey on the path of long-term prosperity? In order to answer this question—and thereby make things right—we first need a much better understanding of just what has gone wrong.
America's Love Affair with the Internet
By James W. Cortada
Nov 20, 2001
We are reaching a point where how many Americans are online is about as relevant as counting how many people have used electricity today. James Cortada examines what internet issues are next, including e-commerce, security, mobility, and equality.
An Overview of A Framework for Applying Analytics in Healthcare
By Dwight McNeill
Aug 2, 2013
Dwight McNeill introduces his book, A Framework for Applying Analytics in Healthcare: What Can Be Learned from the Best Practices in Retail, Banking, Politics, and Sports, in which he explains that healthcare can learn a lot from other industries.
An Overview of Netsourcing
By Thomas Kern, Mary Cecelia Lacity, Leslie P. Willcocks
Jun 21, 2002
Netsourcing is the practice of renting access to centrally managed business applications — everything from credit card validation to human resources. Learn the 11 key benefits of netsourcing, as well as types of netsourcing suppliers and business applications available today.
Analytics in Healthcare: An Overview of Provider, Payer, and Life Sciences Analytics
By Thomas H. Davenport, Dwight McNeill
Nov 26, 2013
The authors of Analytics in Healthcare and the Life Sciences explain that healthcare organizations have little choice but to embrace analytics. Their extensive use is the only way patients will receive effective care at an affordable cost.
Analytics in Insurance Overview
By Patricia L Saporito
Jul 23, 2014
Data is the life blood of the insurance industry. In this introduction to her book, Applied Insurance Analytics: A Framework for Driving More Value from Data Assets, Technologies, and Tools, Patricia L Saporito shows how systematically leveraging analytics can improve business performance and customer satisfaction throughout any insurance business.
Analyzing Stocks On Your Own: The Analysis Process
By Harry Domash
Mar 10, 2006
Experts tell us that investment success requires a disciplined approach for finding, researching, and analyzing potential investments. This chapter describes one such approach based on sound principles that are practiced by market-beating money managers. It’s certainly not the only way, and it may not be the best way. But it’s a place to start, and following it will make you a better investor. After you’ve mastered these strategies, you can modify them to suit your needs.
Arbitrage, Hedging, and the Law of One Price
By Randall Billingsley
Nov 4, 2005
Arbitrage is the process of buying assets in one market and selling them in another to profit from unjustifiable price differences. This violates the expectation that the same product should sell for the same price. Arbitrage offers guaranteed profit with no risk, and therefore undermines the stability and functionality of markets. This chapter explains how these expectations and forces interact, and why arbitrage is such a dangerous thing.
Are Strategies Real Things?
By Joseph Lampel, Bruce Ahlstrand, Henry Mintzberg
May 12, 2005
This chapter, actually a collection of essays on Strategy, introduces the idea of advanced strategy, and questions whether strategies are necessary, real, and functional in general.
Are You Better Off Than You Were as a Kid?
By Jane White
Sep 30, 2009
Jane White asks the question, “Are you better off than you were growing up?” The answer may very well be no.
Are You on the Layoff List?
By Martha I. Finney
Jan 13, 2009
Here are some signs that you might be on a list of people to be laid off.

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