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Business and Competitive Analysis: Definition, Context, and Benefits
By Craig S. Fleisher, Babette E. Bensoussan
Jan 22, 2015
This chapter from Business and Competitive Analysis: Effective Application of New and Classic Methods, 2nd Edition introduces the concepts in the book, which will help you deliver actionable business insights and on-point recommendations that enterprise decision makers can’t and won’t ignore.
Introduction to Trends and Research in the Decision Sciences: Best Papers from the 2014 Annual Conference
By Decision Sciences Institute, Merrill Warkentin
Jan 21, 2015
Decision science offers powerful insights and techniques that help people make better decisions to improve business and society. Merrill Warkentin introduces this new volume, which brings together the peer-reviewed papers that have been chosen as the "best of the best" by the field's leading organization, the Decision Sciences Institute.
What Is Organization Development?
By W. Warner Burke, Debra A. Noumair
Jan 19, 2015
The authors of Organization Development: A Process of Learning and Changing, 3rd Edition explain what Organization Development is, provide examples, and explain why it's important to your company.
Introduction to Mastering Project Management Strategy and Processes: Proven Methods to Meet Organizational Goals
By Randal Wilson
Jan 16, 2015
Randal Wilson introduces his book, Mastering Project Management Strategy and Processes: Proven Methods to Meet Organizational Goals, which gives managers powerful insights and tools for structuring and managing any project based on business strategy and how that project will be used.
Introduction to Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development, 2nd Edition
By David A. Kolb
Dec 31, 2014
David A. Kolb introduces his book, Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development, 2nd Edition, which covers the power of experience in learning.
The Building Blocks of Social Business: Leveraging the Power of New Media and Human Connections to Grow Business Value
By Shawn Santos
Dec 29, 2014
Social media is game-changing technology. But as for any tool, it takes the right people and the right processes to make it work, as Shawn Santos explains in this chapter from How Companies Succeed in Social Business: Case Studies and Lessons from Adobe, Cisco, Unisys, and 18 More Brands.
Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics: Being Technically Inclined
By Thomas W. Miller
Dec 26, 2014
To work efficiently in web and network data science, it helps to be technically inclined, with some understanding of at least three languages: Python, R, and JavaScript. Learn the technical requirements to be proficient in predictive analytics in this chapter from Web and Network Data Science: Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics.
The Truth About Managing People: The Importance of "People Skills"
By Stephen P. Robbins
Dec 22, 2014
Learn why possession of competent interpersonal skills increasingly plays a major role in deciding who is hired, who is retained, and who is promoted in this chapter from The Truth About Managing People: Proven Insights to Get the Best from Your Team, 4th Edition .
Customer Loyalty: When Prior Strengths Become Your Weaknesses
By Harvey Thompson
Dec 19, 2014
We have met the enemy, and he is us. Learn how arrogance and intertia can harm previously successful companies in this excerpt from Who Stole My Customer?
Introduction to Applied Business Analytics: Integrating Business Process, Big Data, and Advanced Analytics
By Nathaniel Lin
Dec 17, 2014
In this chapter, Nathaniel Lin discusses the transformational power of data, whether big or small, and likens it to the way oil transformed the twentieth century. He also shows that the power is not in data alone but also as it is being refined through analytics.
Real-World Data Mining: Introduction to Analytics
By Dursun Delen
Dec 15, 2014
Dursun Delen discusses the details of analytics, including where data mining fits in, the sudden popularity of analytics, the application areas and main challenges of analytics, and the cutting edge of analytics.
Fundamentals of Statistics
By David M. Levine, David F. Stephan
Dec 10, 2014
You can make better sense of the numbers you encounter if you learn to understand statistics. In this chapter, you begin by learning five basic words--population, sample, variable, parameter, and statistic (singular)--that identify the fundamental concepts of statistics.
The Mindset Shift: From Web 2.0 Digital Marketing to Web 3.0 Digital Marketing and Beyond
By Michael Tasner
Dec 8, 2014
Michael Tasner discusses the limits of Web 2.0 thinking, and the keys to overarching trends to the Web 3.0 marketing movement.
Stronger, Faster, Smarter: Sustaining Executive Performance
By Steven P. MacGregor
Dec 4, 2014
Steven MacGregor introduces his book, which aims to be a reference for the adoption of new habits and practices that drive health and performance for the experienced manager, and a reflection on practice for management students.
Introduction to Mastering Project Human Resource Management
By Harjit Singh
Dec 3, 2014
Harjit Singh introduces his book, which highlights the importance of the people (human) aspect of project management and teaches you the techniques to excel in project human resource management.
Introduction to Profiting from Technical Analysis and Candlestick Indicators: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
By Michael C. Thomsett
Dec 1, 2014
Michael C. Thomsett proposes that a candlestick indicator by itself is not reliable for timing of trades. You need confirmation through distinct and separate signals forecasting the same reversal (or continuation), but you also need more, as he discusses in this introduction to his book, Profiting from Technical Analysis and Candlestick Indicators.
The Big Data Big Bang
By Dale Neef
Nov 24, 2014
In this introduction to his book, Dale Neef considers where Big Data as a broader phenomenon takes us over the next decade, because the emerging Big Data-intelligence complex is already proving to be both rambunctious and irrepressible, introducing innovation at a rate that is almost impossible to follow, much less regulate.
Business Analytics with Management Science
By Arben Asllani
Nov 20, 2014
In this introduction to his book, Arben Asllani emphasizes the importance of business analytics in today’s organizations, discusses the scope of business analytics and the set of skills required for business analyst practitioners, discusses the role of management science models in the Big Data era, explains challenges faced by organizations when implementing business analytics, and examines the new role of management science in the era of Big Data.
Purchasing, Procurement, and Strategic Sourcing
By Walter L. Wallace, Yusen L. Xia
Nov 19, 2014
The topics of purchasing, procurement, and strategic sourcing are all receiving significant attention as organizations attempt to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their supply networks. A better understanding of where the benefits can be obtained requires a thorough knowledge of some of the similarities, differences, and linkages between purchasing, procurement, and strategic sourcing. The authors of Delivering Customer Value through Procurement and Strategic Sourcing discuss these issues in this introduction to their book.
Project Management Roots and Understanding the PMBOK Guide
By Gary Lister
Nov 6, 2014
Gary Lister introduces his book, Mastering Project, Program, and Portfolio Management: Models for Structuring and Executing the Project Hierarchy, which aims to provide enabling support to the concepts and knowledge presented in the PMBOK Guide and found in the profession of project management.

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