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A Resource-Allocation Perspective for Marketing Analytics
By Rajkumar Venkatesan, Paul Farris, Ronald T. Wilcox
Aug 6, 2014
Resource allocation is the endgame of analytics for any company. Using marketing analytics properly, any firm should be able to determine the optimal level of spending it should make on each of its marketing channels to maximize success.
Cutting Edge Marketing Analytics: A Case Study with Dunia Finance LLC
By Rajkumar Venkatesan, Paul Farris, Ronald T. Wilcox
Jul 30, 2014
The authors of Cutting Edge Marketing Analytics: Real World Cases and Data Sets for Hands On Learning discuss how analytics affected customer relationship management at Dunia Finance LLC, in this case study from the book.
Introduction to Cutting Edge Marketing Analytics: Real World Cases and Data Sets for Hands On Learning
By Rajkumar Venkatesan, Paul Farris, Ronald T. Wilcox
Jul 28, 2014
The authors of Cutting Edge Marketing Analytics discuss the techniques needed to analyze past marketing performance and discover unknowns that will allow you to predict the future.
Managing Supply Chain Networks: From Value Chain to Value Network
By Alexandre Oliveira, Anne Gimeno
Jul 24, 2014
The authors of Managing Supply Chain Networks: Building Competitive Advantage In Fluid And Complex Environments introduce their book, which offers powerful new techniques for managing today’s complex, fluid supply networks.
Analytics in Insurance Overview
By Patricia L Saporito
Jul 23, 2014
Data is the life blood of the insurance industry. In this introduction to her book, Applied Insurance Analytics: A Framework for Driving More Value from Data Assets, Technologies, and Tools, Patricia L Saporito shows how systematically leveraging analytics can improve business performance and customer satisfaction throughout any insurance business.
The Customer Service Environment for Supply Chain Management
By Alexandre Oliveira, Anne Gimeno
Jul 21, 2014
The authors of Customer Service Supply Chain Management: Models for Achieving Customer Satisfaction, Supply Chain Performance, and Shareholder Value introduce their book, which covers the Customer Service Management Model (CSM Model), a tool developed by the authors to evaluate the interactions present in the customer service environment. The model presents four pillars and provides a quantitative approach to understand the connection between them.
Executing the Supply Chain: Supply Network Governance Cycle
By Alexandre Oliveira, Anne Gimeno
Jun 26, 2014
Strategic Alignment in Marketing and Sales Analytics—First You Need to Agree On What to Ask
By Cesar Brea
Jun 23, 2014
People have different ways of defining possible challenges to focus on, ways of evaluating performance, and means for assessing tradeoffs among possible solutions to challenges. This chapter explores how different executives think about these needs and suggests a synthesis that might serve as a point of departure for you.
Overview of Computational Intelligence in Business Analytics: Concepts, Methods, and Tools for Big Data Applications
By Les Sztandera
Jun 19, 2014
Les Sztandera introduces his book, Computational Intelligence in Business Analytics: Concepts, Methods, and Tools for Big Data Applications, which aims to help organizations gain a competitive edge in the marketplace through harnessing the power of computational intelligence approaches.
Supply Chain and Shareholder Value
By Alexandre Oliveira, Anne Gimeno
Jun 11, 2014
Alexandre Oliveira and Anne Gimeno introduce their book, Supply Chain Management Strategy: Using SCM to Create Greater Corporate Efficiency and Profits.
Big Data Driven Supply Chain Management: A Game Changer
By Nada R. Sanders
Jun 9, 2014
Nada R. Sanders introduces her book, Big Data Driven Supply Chain Management, which offers a complete, five-step roadmap for leveraging Big Data and analytics to gain unprecedented competitive advantage from your supply chain.
Understanding the Chinese
By Andrew Delios, Phillip Day, Zhijian Wu
Jun 6, 2014
The authors of China 88: The Real China and How to Deal with It discuss Chinese values and how they are influenced by its rich past as well as its rapidly developing present.
Introducing Thematic Thinking: Start Seeing the World with Both Eyes
By Julia Kathi Froehlich, Michael Gibbert, Martin Hoegl
Jun 4, 2014
Leverage hidden similarities and connections to succeed in new markets and avert emerging business risks! Firmly rooted in the latest cognitive science, Thematic Thinking helps you recognize your great opportunities and grave threats in distant but related industries and markets.
Forces Shaping the Corporate Learning Function
By Ibraiz Tarique
May 28, 2014
This chapter presents the corporate learning function in the context of the rapidly changing learning landscape. It illustrates how several challenges are generating intense pressure on the corporate learning function to keep pace with a set of new norms for how organizations develop human resources. These challenges are changing the way people learn.
Introduction to Shopper Marketing: What Is It All About?
By Daniel J. Flint, Chris Hoyt, Nancy Swift
May 21, 2014
This chapter introduces the book Shopper Marketing, which discusses key shopper marketing concepts as well as a process for developing shopper marketing programs.
Why Look Beyond Hadoop Map-Reduce?
By Vijay Srinivas Agneeswaran
May 19, 2014
This chapter discusses the limitations of Hadoop along the lines of the seven giants. It also brings out the three dimensions along which thinking beyond Hadoop is necessary: real-time analytics, analytics involving iterative ML, and specialized data structures and processing requirements for these.
What Are Business Analytics?
By Marc J. Schniederjans, Dara G. Schniederjans, Christopher M. Starkey
May 6, 2014
Learn the definition of business analytics, the relationship of analytics and business intelligence to the subject of business analytics, the three steps of the business analytics process, four data classification measurement scales, and the relationship of the business analytics process with the organization decision-making process.
Setting the Stage for Employee Benefits Design and Planning
By Bashker D. Biswas
May 5, 2014
This chapter addresses the concept of employee benefits, presents various categories of employee benefits, discusses the employee benefit environment, discusses the strategic considerations in designing employee benefit programs, explains the integrated system approach to plan employee benefits, and discusses the cost dimension of employee benefits.
Introduction to Valuation: Methods and Models in Applied Corporate Finance
By George Chacko, Carolyn L. Evans
May 1, 2014
The authors of Valuation introduce their book, which offers a solid conceptual understanding of valuation as well as a substantial amount of practical knowledge about how to go about executing a valuation of a potential business decision.
Introduction to Project Management Schedule and Cost Control
By Randal Wilson
Apr 29, 2014
The success of a project ultimately depends on how well the project manager is armed with tools and techniques for project development. You will find those tools and techniques in A Comprehensive Guide to Project Management Schedule and Cost Control: Methods and Models for Managing the Project Lifecycle, as the author explains in this introduction.

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