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Data Mining and Statistical Analysis: Are You Collecting Useful Information or Just Meaningless Facts?
By Deandra T. Cassone, Frank A. Tillman
Jun 19, 2013
Your new business client has collected extensive internal data for years, and you'll have access to that huge repository of information for use in developing detailed statistical models. That might be great—or it might not. Frank A. Tillman and Deandra T. Cassone point out what kind of data you really need if you're going to develop useful models.
Smart Ways to Tackle Workplace Interruptions
By Mark Woods
Jun 17, 2013
We all experience workday interruptions, but they needn't cause suffering. Mark Woods, author of Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You, advocates recognizing and accepting that interruptions are inevitable - and then doing everything in our power to limit them.
Developing a Corporate Decision Model for Planning Manpower Skill-Mixes and Allocating Resources
By Deandra T. Cassone, Frank A. Tillman
Jun 14, 2013
Frank A. Tillman and Deandra T. Cassone, authors of Strategic Planning and New Product Development, explain how they used Decision Science to develop a model for determining what skills and skill levels a company needed to accomplish its workload goals. This model was designed for a telecommunications company, but it can be adapted to fit all sorts of organizations.
How Small Changes Make a Big Difference
By Ben Waber
Jun 14, 2013
Sometimes little changes can be just as powerful as big ones. Ben Waber explains how things like what clothes we wear, small gestures, even sitting at a different desk can all have strong effects on outcomes.
Making Strategy Work: Execution Is the Key
By Lawrence G. Hrebiniak
Jun 12, 2013
Execution is a key to strategic success. Most managers, however, know a lot more about strategy formulation than execution. They know much more about “planning” than “doing,” which causes major problems with making strategy work.
Keep Time Thieves from Stealing Your Productivity
By Mark Woods
Jun 10, 2013
Most of us have been waylaid in the hallway by someone who just wants 'a minute' of our time. Is it really just a minute? Doubtful. Mark Woods, author of Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You, addresses the question of how to coexist with co-workers who try to snatch away the precious little time we have available in the workday.
Death of Distance? Yahoo’s Interesting Decision
By Ben Waber
Jun 7, 2013
Ben Waber comments on Yahoo!'s decision to end telecommuting, and discusses his own research on how co-located and distributed teams collaborate.
Understanding Options
By Michael Benklifa
Jun 6, 2013
The more you understand options and how traders think about them in different situations, the better you’ll be able to understand new strategies and develop your own.
Power Verbs for Managers and Executives: The Technology and Power of Language
By Michael Lawrence Faulkner
Jun 5, 2013
In this introduction to his book, Michael Lawrence Faulkner explains how using power verbs adds color, flavor, spark, enhanced rhythm, and kick to our written and spoken words.
How to Escape from 'Email Jail'
By Mark Woods
Jun 3, 2013
Are you a prisoner of your inbox? Mark Woods, author of Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You, shares a quick-and-easy plan for removing the majority of time-wasting messages that clog up your system, bringing email back to being helpful once again.
12 Tips for Greater Work Productivity
By Mark Woods
May 28, 2013
Mark Woods, author of Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You, shares a dozen ways for all of us to get more out of every workday.
Commodities: Why, Which and When?
By George Kleinman
May 20, 2013
George Kleinman offers insights into why commodity demand will continue to rise, and his picks for the most promising commodities to keep your eye on.
OM in the News: Quality Problems in Hospital Internship Training
By Barry Render
May 20, 2013
Barry Render explores why limiting work hours of hospital interns leads to more patient errors.
The Leadership Challenge
May 16, 2013
In this introduction to his book, Michael A. Roberto explains that leaders should stay attuned constantly to the social, emotional, and political processes of decision. However, they need to do more than this. They must not simply react passively to the personality clashes and backroom maneuvering that emerges during a decision-making process. Instead, they should actively shape and influence the conditions under which people will interact and deliberate. In short, leaders must “decide how to decide” as they confront complex and ambiguous situations, rather than fixating solely on the intellectual challenge of finding the optimal solution to the organization’s perplexing problems.
Return on Sustainability: The Climate Imperative
By Kevin A. Wilhelm
May 14, 2013
There is incredible profit to be made in the stabilization of our climate, and business leaders who see the situation for the exciting opportunities it holds will benefit from leading the charge.
OM in the News: Modular Construction in New York City
By Barry Render
May 13, 2013
Barry Render discusses the advantages of fixed position layout in building construction.
OM in the News: Replacing the Postal Service With Digitized Mail
By Barry Render
May 8, 2013
Barry Render describes the business model of Outbox, a company that is picking up where the embattled Postal Service leaves off.
OM in the News: Eliminating the Waiting Line at Hotel Check-In
By Barry Render
May 3, 2013
Barry Render explains how hotels are using new technologies to eliminate the front desk check-in line.
Introduction to The Rules of Parenting: A Personal Code for Raising Happy, Confident Children
By Richard Templar
May 1, 2013
When you think about the huge responsibility you have as a parent, it can stop you in your tracks and take your breath away. What you do and say over the years will have a huge influence on whether your child grows up to be screwed up or well balanced. Richard Templar explains that by thinking about it all now, you’ll automatically begin to correct many of your little foibles or bad habits as well as introducing new more helpful ones.
Preface to People Analytics: How Social Sensing Technology Will Transform Business and What It Tells Us about the Future of Work
By Ben Waber
Apr 30, 2013
Ben Waber introduces his book, where he uses data in a series of case studies to illuminate a new kind of people analytics. In particular, he explains how slight changes in behavior, from changing when you take breaks to what lunch tables you sit at, can make you happier, healthier, and more productive.

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