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Central Role of Knowledge Update in the ERP Training
By Decision Sciences Institute, Merrill Warkentin
Jan 25, 2016
This study explores the mediating role of knowledge update in the context of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) simulation game, that is, a gamified ERP training.
The Future of Technology Management and the Business Environment: Technological Disruptions
By Alfred A. Marcus
Jan 6, 2016
Alfred Marcus explains how the next wave of innovation is giving birth to a post-industrial society that is less dependent on materials and force of things and more dependent on ideas.
Introduction to Project Management Analytics: A Data-Driven Approach to Making Rational and Effective Project Decisions
By Harjit Singh
Dec 29, 2015
Analytics-based project metrics can essentially enable the project managers to measure, observe, and analyze project performance objectively and make rational project decisions with analytical certainty rather than making vague decisions with subjective uncertainty. This chapter presents you an overview of the analytics-driven approach to project management.
Sports Analytics and Data Science: Understanding Sports Markets
By Thomas Miller
Dec 23, 2015
Thomas Miller discusses the unique features of sports markets and how successful sports analytics blends business and sports savvy, modern information technology, and sophisticated modeling techniques.
Introduction to Financial Intelligence for Supply Chain Managers: Understand the Link between Operations and Corporate Financial Performance
Dec 21, 2015
Financial terms can be overwhelming and somewhat confusing to a nonfinance person, but they don’t have to be. Steven M. Leon, the author of Financial Intelligence for Supply Chain Managers, introduces his book, which touches on financial and managerial accounting, corporate finance, valuation methods, and other financial topics for supply chain and operations professionals.
Introduction to Self-Handicapping Leadership: The Nine Behaviors Holding Back Employees, Managers, and Companies, and How to Overcome Them
By Phillip J. Decker, Jordan Paul Mitchell
Dec 18, 2015
Employees witness self-sabotage daily from their leaders—not confronting errant employees, inconsistent leadership, hiring the wrong people, blaming everyone, acting like a control freak, self-centered decision making, or not keeping their word. These can cause employees to be apathetic, unmotivated, and lack ownership; so why do leaders do these things? The authors of Self-Handicapping Leadership introduce their book, which will help you break the vicious cycle of self-handicapping leadership in your organization, stop the excuses, and unleash all the performance your team is capable of delivering.
The Science of Personality Differences: Personality Traits
By Samuel Barondes
Nov 23, 2015
Learn about The Big Five personality traits and how they became the foundation for assessing individual differences in the ways people interact with their social and physical worlds.
Introduction to the Supply Chain Game Changers: Applications and Best Practices that are Shaping the Future of Supply Chain Management
By Theodore (Ted) H. Stank, Chad W. Autry, Michael Burnette, J. Paul Dittmann
Nov 16, 2015
The authors of The Supply Chain Game Changers introduce their book, which brings together advanced supply chain practices that yield significant, enduring business advantage.
Introduction to Breaking Failure: How to Break the Cycle of Business Failure and Underperformance Using Root Cause, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, and an Early Warning System
By Alexander Edsel
Nov 12, 2015
Alexander Edsel introduces his book, where he explains how identifying useful techniques from other domains and applying them to a different discipline is a simple yet transformational act that can yield a higher ROI than any of the incremental optimizations performed by companies.
A Novice's Guide to Speaking in Public: Step 1: Think about Your Language and Keep It Simple
By Michael Lawrence Faulkner
Nov 11, 2015
Michael Lawrence Faulkner starts with some basic tips of public speaking, such as dress simply, use power verbs, and smile when you speak.
Introduction to Disruptive Thinking: The Revolution Is in Full Swing
By Luke Williams
Oct 12, 2015
Luke Williams, the author of Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business, 2nd Edition, introduces his book, which shows you how to master a complete five-step program for identifying and executing on disruptive business opportunities.
Tough Selling: The New Normal
By Reed K. Holden
Oct 8, 2015
Reed K. Holden, the author of Negotiating with Backbone: Eight Sales Strategies to Defend Your Price and Value, 2nd Edition discusses backbone strategy, which is a more powerful way to conceptualize the selling process and to formulate an appropriate strategy to every selling situation.
Introduction to Millennials Who Manage: How to Overcome Workplace Perceptions and Become a Great Leader
By Chip Espinoza, Joel Schwarzbart
Oct 6, 2015
The authors of Millennials Who Manage introduce their book, which shows millennials how to transition more smoothly into management, including how to earn the respect of peers, "elders", and managers. Millennials will discover how to achieve success their way, without compromising who they are or becoming someone they are not.
Introduction to Strategic Innovation: The Definitive Guide to Outlier Strategies
By Liisa Välikangas, Michael Gibbert
Sep 21, 2015
In this introduction to Strategic Innovation, the authors introduce the concept of strategic innovation and expose what is potentially impactful out there in a number of pioneering companies; many of which you might have never heard of, and yet, they are already making a difference.
Introduction: EDSI Annual Conference 2015—"Decision Sciences for the Service Economy"
By European Decision Sciences Institute, Alessandro Ancarani, Carmela DiMauro, Gyula Vastag
Sep 14, 2015
The authors of "Research in the Decision Sciences for the Service Economy: Best Papers from the 2015 Annual Conference" introduce select papers from the EDSI Annual Conference 2015.
Predictive Modeling of Customer Response Behavior in Direct Marketing
By Decision Sciences Institute, Merrill Warkentin
Sep 10, 2015
Young H. Chun and Yoonhyuk Jung propose a probabilistic response model that predicts the number of responses received after the launch of a direct marketing campaign.
Preface to Advances in Business, Operations, and Product Analytics: Cutting Edge Cases from Finance to Manufacturing to Healthcare
By Matthew J. Drake
Sep 8, 2015
If you're seeking to master business analytics, case studies offer invaluable help: they expose you to the entire decision-making process, helping you practice an active role in both performing analysis and using its output to recommend optimal decisions. In this preface to his book, Matthew J. Drake discusses how he presents a collection of up-to-date cases that are longer and more detailed than those typically presented in undergraduate texts, but concise and focused enough to be taught in a single classroom session.
Introduction to Corporate Governance
By David Larcker, Brian Tayan
Aug 10, 2015
The authors of Corporate Governance Matters provide a basis for constructive debate among executives, directors, investors, regulators, and other constituents that have an important stake in the success of corporations. This book focuses on corporate governance from an organizational instead of purely legal perspective, with an emphasis on exploring the relationships between control mechanisms and their impact on mitigating agency costs and improving shareholder and stakeholder outcomes.
Destroying the Four-Generation Myth of the Multi-Generational Workplace
By Jeff Havens
Jul 2, 2015
In this chapter from his book, Us vs. Them: Redefining the Multi-Generational Workplace to Inspire Your Employees to Love Your Company, Drive Innovation, and Embrace Change, Jeff Havens banishes once and for all the notion that there are four generations in today’s workplace, which is entirely unworkable if you want to create loyalty, dedication, and runaway success.
Introduction to Supply Chain and Logistics Management Made Easy: Methods and Applications for Planning, Operations, Integration, Control and Improvement, and Network Design
By Paul A Myerson
Jun 3, 2015
Paul Myerson introduces his book, Introduction to Supply Chain and Logistics Management Made Easy, where he not only defines the supply chain but also offers insight into its various components, tools, and technology to help improve your understanding so that you can use it as a competitive tool in your business.

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