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Meeting Customers' Real Needs: The Nature of Service System Design
By CSCMP, Stanley E. Fawcett, Amydee M. Fawcett
Feb 10, 2014
As a supply chain manager, service system design is a core and vital aspect of your job. Your company’s identity—and future—is defined by its ability to meet customers' real needs. Yet, despite its importance, few companies excel at creating remarkable customer experiences. This chapter addresses the question, “Why is it so hard to improve customer satisfaction?”
Introduction to the Definitive Guide to Entertainment Marketing
By Al Lieberman, Pat Estgate
Jul 31, 2013
The world might have changed, but one constant remains: We, as a people, want more entertainment. For entertainment marketers, it’s a huge opportunity. Al Lieberman and Pat Esgate explain how to take advantage of it.
How to Escape from 'Email Jail'
By Mark Woods
Jun 3, 2013
Are you a prisoner of your inbox? Mark Woods, author of Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You, shares a quick-and-easy plan for removing the majority of time-wasting messages that clog up your system, bringing email back to being helpful once again.
The Development of a Marketing Research Resource Allocation System and its Challenges
By Frank A. Tillman, Deandra T. Cassone
Apr 25, 2013
Dr. Frank A. Tillman and Dr. Deandra T. Cassone discuss lessons learned in implementing decision science techniques to solve corporate problems.
OM in the News: Wal-Mart’s Disappearing Inventory
By Barry Render
Apr 22, 2013
Barry Render explains that a thinly spread workforce has many consequences.
What Drives New Product Development
By Jonathan Cagan, Craig M. Vogel
Sep 13, 2012
In this chapter, the authors focus on the first step in developing a breakthrough product: learning to interpret the interconnected factors of Social change, Economic trends, and Technological innovation, otherwise known as SET Factors.
Negotiating with Backbone: Eight Sales Strategies to Defend Your Price and Value
By Reed K. Holden
Jun 11, 2012
Reed K. Holden describes two of the games salespeople and executives play in the great game of procurement. There are eight easy-to-identify games and tactics associated with each one. If you understand your position in the game, you can play the game better.
Seducing the Future of Fine Arts: Getting the Next Generations into the Museum Experience
By Alex Gofman, Marco Bevolo, Tönis Mets
Jun 10, 2011
Alex Gofman, Marco Bevolo, and Tönis Mets take a scientific approach to figuring out what gets people to visit a museum, and show how RDE, through its disciplined structure, affords actionable insights that might help.
The Questionable Future Facing Global Retailers
By Barry Berman
Nov 3, 2010
Barry Berman explains how recession-battered retailers can learn lessons from L.L.Bean, Trader Joe's, Costco, and other world-class retailers.
Introduction to Emerging Business Online: Global Markets and the Power of B2B Internet Marketing
By Lara Fawzy, Lucas Dworski
Oct 21, 2010
In this introduction to their book, Emerging Business Online: Global Markets and the Power of B2B Internet Marketing, the authors explore how and why the Internet and related technologies are redefining how we conduct business globally.
How to Make Money with Social Media: What Social Media Isn't
By Jamie Turner, Reshma Shah
Oct 7, 2010
Traditional marketers focused their energies on what people thought about their brands. Contemporary marketers focus their energies on how people engage with their brands—online, in stores, at home, and through other channels.
Introduction to How to Make Money with Social Media
By Jamie Turner, Reshma Shah
Oct 6, 2010
You can make money with social media—if you follow the right plan.
Using REAP (Retail Ecosystem Analytics Process) to Leverage Marketing Intelligence and Drive Retail Success
By Rick DeHerder, Dick Blatt
Sep 23, 2010
Implementing REAP (Retail Ecosystem Analytics Process) is central to the development of the shopper intimacy that drives consistent results. This chapter shows you how.
Introduction to Shopper Intimacy: A Practical Guide to Leveraging Marketing Intelligence to Drive Retail Success
By Rick DeHerder, Dick Blatt
Sep 22, 2010
Achieving and maintaining, not just a connection, but true intimacy with the shopper, is the new necessity. In this introduction to their book, Shopper Intimacy, the authors set the stage for how to reach the goal of shopper intimacy.
Marketing in the Moment: The Mindset Shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0
By Michael Tasner
Jul 14, 2010
Web 3.0 marketing is the convergence of new technologies and rapidly changing consumer buying trends. Michael Tasner explores the move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 marketing, including the five key components of Web 3.0 marketing.
Real-Time Marketing for Business Growth: What Is Purpose and Why Is It Important?
By Monique Reece
Apr 7, 2010
If people understand where the company is headed (vision), what the company stands for (mission), how they will work together to get there (values), and what must be accomplished (goals), then the strategy to get there can be understood and executed.
Introduction to Smart Pricing: How Google, Priceline, and Leading Businesses Use Pricing Innovation for Profitability
By Jagmohan Raju, Z. John Zhang
Mar 11, 2010
Learn to gain more confidence in pulling the price lever and be innovative about pricing your own product or service.
Exploring Perception of Food Packages with Rule Developing Experimentation and Eye Tracking
By Alex Gofman, Johanna Fyrbjörk, Tönis Mets, David Moskowitz, Howard R. Moskowitz
Feb 3, 2010
How can we better analyze the way in which consumers perceive product packaging? By using modern methodologies, we can create packages that capture a consumer's attention and stimulate purchasing interest.
Introduction to Marketing Metrics
By Paul W. Farris, Neil T. Bendle, Phillip E. Pfeifer, David J. Reibstein
Jan 20, 2010
Learn why you need marketing metrics, which numbers are important, and how to master metrics in this introduction to Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance, 2nd Edition.
Is a Solo-Authored Book on Collaboration an Oxymoron?
By Rawn Shah
Jan 13, 2010
"Social Networking for Business" author Rawn Shah examines why collaboration is important -- and why he wrote a book about collaboration, alone.

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