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From Concept to Consumer: How to Turn Ideas Into Money
By Phil Baker
Oct 30, 2008
Phil Baker, who has done product development at Polaroid, Apple, and Seiko, discusses the new rules of product development in this introduction to his book, "From Concept to Consumer: How to Turn Ideas Into Money."
Changing the Game: How Video Games Are Transforming the Future of Business
By David Edery, Ethan Mollick
Oct 28, 2008
Companies of all shapes and sizes have begun to use games to revolutionize the way they interact with customers and employees. The authors of "Changing the Game: How Video Games Are Transforming the Future of Business" discuss how games and marketing have become a powerful combination in this introduction to their book.
Why Managing Brands Is Not Common Sense
Oct 8, 2008
If common sense is what most people naturally use in the absence of education and training, then effective brand management is not common sense.
What is Conversational Captial?
By Bertrand Cesvet, Eric Alper, Tony Babinski
Aug 20, 2008
Create stuff people love to talk about.
How Habits Undermine Marketing
By Neale Martin
Jul 1, 2008
Neale Martin discusses the difference between the executive mind and the habitual mind, how your unconscious controls most of what you do, and how marketers are at a loss when it comes to working with the human unconscious.
Introduction to PR 2.0
By Deirdre Breakenridge
May 14, 2008
The responsibility of the PR professional is always to communicate with facts, accuracy, and integrity for the brand(s) you represent. If you can abide by this rule and expand your frame of reference to accept the momentous changes in technology and all the Internet has to offer in terms of social media strategies, then you will benefit.
Introduction to Managing Customers for Profit: Strategies to Increase Profits and Build Loyalty
May 6, 2008
Peek at some compelling case studies of companies that illustrate the best -- and worst -- of customer management.
Starbucks and the Perversity of Growth
By Oren Harari
Mar 21, 2008
Growth should be a consequence, not a cause, of sustained competitive success.
Improving the "Stickiness" of Your Website, Part 2: If They Like A and B, Would They Like "A+B"?
By Alex Gofman
Feb 22, 2008
Alex Gofman explains how finding the right elements for your website can drive better results - and how choosing which possible "right combination" can improve the bottom line even more.
What's Your Story?: Storytelling to Move Markets, Audiences, People, and Brands
By Ryan Mathews, Watts Wacker
Jan 18, 2008
In this introduction to their book, the authors assert that mythology, the aggregate collection of ancient stories from cultures around the world, can and should play a critical role in helping resolve many of the complexities and crises associated with the world of twenty-first-century business and society.
Your Company’s Most Important Stakeholders—No Ifs, Ands, or Buts
By Oren Harari
Jan 4, 2008
Customers are always the most important stakeholders. After all, without customers, what's the point of being in business?
Networking with Style: Tools and Tricks
By Edward G. Muzio
Nov 16, 2007
Regardless of your personal style, networking can be valuable. Ed Muzio shows you how to network keeping your own personal style in mind.
Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose
By David B. Wolfe, Jagdish N. Sheth, Rajendra S. Sisodia
Nov 9, 2007
Customers are best served by companies that enjoy good relationships with all their stakeholders.
The Soul of a Corporation: Managing the Identity of Your Company
By Hamid Bouchikhi, John R. Kimberly
Oct 26, 2007
The authors of The Soul of the Corporation explore the internal and external benefits of clear and consistent identities.
Improve Your Marketing to Grow Your Business
By Hunter Hastings, Jeff Saperstein
Oct 19, 2007
Marketing is on the cusp of a radical transformation as information technology (IT) changes the industry.
Steps to Develop a Public Sector Marketing Plan and to Ensure that It Is a Compelling One
By Nancy R. Lee, Philip Kotler
Oct 5, 2007
Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee give you a detailed, sequential process to develop your own marketing plan, step by step.
If We Build It, We Will Come: Unleash the Power of Crowds in Your Business
By Barry Libert, Jon Spector, Don Tapscott
Sep 28, 2007
The opportunities of the power of community are virtually infinite, limited only by desire and imagination.
Improving the ‘Stickiness’ of Your Website
By Alex Gofman
Sep 21, 2007
Bounce rate increasing? Try multivariate landing page optimization.
Introduction to Selling Blue Elephants: How to Make Great Products that People Want Before They Even Know They Want Them
By Howard R. Moskowitz, Alex Gofman
Sep 21, 2007
Discover what appeals to the customer, even if the customer can't articulate the need!
Introduction to Marketing That Works
By Shellye Archambeau, Leonard M. Lodish, Howard L. Morgan
Sep 14, 2007
The excerpt from chapter 1 of "Marketing that Works" explains why you need more than one marketing plan, the impact of the Internet on marketing plans, and marketing challenges in the coming decade.

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