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Cross-Channel Optimization: A Strategic Roadmap for Multichannel Retailers
By IBM Business Consulting Services
Mar 31, 2006
A new, superior retailing model is emerging. This model provides the retailer with powerful new capabilities based on cross-channel optimization. It is not simply about executing the same activities in multiple, separate channels. Nor does it focus simply on integrating or synchronizing channels to support cross-channel shopping. Instead, it requires a systematic approach to exploit the strengths of one channel to complement the relative weaknesses of other channels.
The Truth About Getting Your Point Across: You and Your Recipient
By Lonnie Pacelli
Dec 1, 2005
From its earliest roots, communication has focused on sender and recipient having some common understanding of the information flowing between them. This chapter focuses on establishing the kind of common ground that allows effective communication.
From Minority to Majority: McDonald's Discovers the Woman Inside the Mom
By Fara Warner
Sep 30, 2005
While most companies have come to accept that women are the most powerful force in the worldโ€™s increasingly consumer-driven economy, many still face the challenge of creating successful strategies to reach those women who have changed dramatically during the past 50 years. This excerpt from The Power of the Purse discusses the dramatic shift in the marketing focus of these companies.
The Seamless Connection: From Strategy, Brand and Innovation to Product, Service and Experience
By Craig M. Vogel, Peter Boatwright, Jonathan Cagan
Jun 17, 2005
Like the fashionable width of neckties, business ideas cycle up and down in marketplace importance. The important thing to remember is that although the marketplace buzzwords change, the process of strategic planning, branding and innovation are all still relevant and in fact tied seamlessly to product, experience and service.
Why Do Marketers Do What They Do?
By Johny Johansson
Nov 5, 2004
In this chapter from his incisive critique of economic globalization, Johny K. Johansson explains why marketers ignore multiculturalism and localization in the pursuit of an easy and universal marketing program.
Electronic Evidence Can't Be Shredded
By David Gulbransen
Sep 17, 2004
David Gulbransen takes a look at the impact of electronic evidence, litigation, and what you should do to protect your company before things get out of hand.
How Show Business Invents (and Reinvents) Media
By David L. Rogers, Bernd H. Schmitt, Karen Vrotsos
Sep 17, 2004
With digital recording devices making it easier than ever for television watchers to avoid advertising, companies have to find new and interesting ways to reach customers with their message. This chapter highlights some of the more innovative ways that companies can get their message out.
What They Want: Ten Myths About Your Customers
By Harvey Thompson
Aug 13, 2004
To become customer centered and customer preferred, a firm must change its orientation and design its business capabilities, infrastructure, and measures of success from the outside-in by using the customers' perspective. There are several real issues to overcome to do that.
The Wealth-Creating Power of Franchising
By Stephen Spinelli, Jr., Sue Birley, Robert Rosenberg
Jan 9, 2004
The authors of "Franchising: Pathway to Wealth Creation" discuss how franchising can overcome such common obstacles as administrative efficiency, risk management, and resource constraints.
Public Relations: Knowing What Your Public Wants
By Deirdre Breakenridge, Thomas J. DeLoughry
Jul 18, 2003
The needs of the audience you're communicating with were frequently overlooked during the height of the dot-com mania. Learn how to move back to the fundamentals of public relations and speak directly to the audience your site has in mind.
It's a Homerun: Customer Service Greatness in the Minor Leagues
By David Carter, Darren Rovell
Jun 27, 2003
In the rapidly declining area of customer service in the sports world, minor league baseball is forging ahead as a perfect example of the ideals that should be practiced with relating to customers. By establishing a solid groundwork of customer service, your business will be more likely to accomplish its goals.
The Great Marketing/IT Divide
By Deirdre Breakenridge
Feb 21, 2003
Can the chaotic, frenzied world of marketing work with the relentlessly logical world of IT without confusion, frustration, or loss of productivity? It is possible to narrow the divide between these two groups. Deirdre Breakinridge tells you how.
Using Networks to Harness the Flow of Marketing, Customer Feedback, and Employee Knowledge
By Ross Dawson
Jan 3, 2003
Learn how to build your organization's network presence to take advantage of the information flow to and from your customers! Marketing is oriented to both existing and potential customers, while customer feedback is focused on creating more value for current customers. Organizational knowledge is the successful application of customer feedback to information to work processes within your company. Get inspired here!
The Role of Technology in Communication and News Management
By Gerald R. Baron
Dec 27, 2002
New communication management technology provides the means to manage the most challenging issue or crisis situations. Gerald Baron explains how to manage information distribution, inquiry management, internal communication, user access, and other demands of the instant news world.
What Makes the Internet So Powerful?
By Robin Miller
Dec 27, 2002
Robin Miller explains the basic power of the Internet and how businesses can use it to achieve their goals.
Don't Call Yourself a Permission Marketer When You Are a Direct Marketer
By S. F. Allen
Aug 2, 2002
Permission Marketing is like dating: like you would your date, permission marketers treat their customers with respect, and invest ample amount of time and energy to the development of the relationship. Learn why this approach is better than the more traditional "brute-force" marketing.
Location-Based Entertainment: the Move from Message to Medium in Marketing
By Al Lieberman, Pat Esgate
Jun 28, 2002
In this chapter, the authors of "The Entertainment Marketing Revolution" take a look at the growth in certain sectors of the out-of-home entertainment industry — and how entertainment made the move from message to medium in marketing.
Customer Share Marketing: Getting the Most Out of Your Customers
By Tom Osenton
May 10, 2002
Customer share marketing is the development of an orderly, outbound, offensive marketing plan that is designed not only to retain customers, but also to grow customer share — increasing the amount of business each customer does with your company.
eCommerce Web Interfaces: If It Ain't Useful, It Ain't Valuable
By Max McKeown
Apr 12, 2002
If it's not usable, then it's not useful. The e-customer wants usability. He may not be able to state exactly how to provide it to him but he DOES know what the experience of dealing with you should be like. And if you don't deliver it, the business will go elsewhere. Max McKeown tells you what to pay attention to.
Building Relationships in Cyberspace
By Deirdre Breakenridge
Jan 25, 2002
Cyber media relationships require the same components of trust as in the pre-Internet age — with a few twists. Deirdre Breakenridge offers some guidelines for how public relations professionals can forge stronger relationships with journalists.

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