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Activities Rule! Not the Clock: Don't Be a Slave to Time
By Mark Woods, Trapper Woods
Oct 15, 2012
Mark and Trapper Woods offer an easier way to approach the time challenges we face today in this chaotic world.
Preface to The Truth About Managing People, 3rd Edition
By Stephen P. Robbins
Oct 10, 2012
Stephen P. Robbins describes his book, which is organized around key, human-behavior-related problem areas that managers face: hiring, motivation, leadership, communication, team building, performance evaluation, and coping with change.
FranklinCovey Style Guide: For Business and Technical Communication
By Stephen R. Covey
Jun 21, 2012
This excerpt from FranklinCovey Style Guide: For Business and Technical Communication covers cliches, colons, color, commas, compound words, conjunctions, contractions, dashes, decimals, editing and proofreading, and electronic mail.
FranklinCovey Style Guide for Business and Technical Communication: Abbreviations
By Stephen R. Covey
Jun 20, 2012
This Reference Glossary is designed and written to help writers and editors answer routine, yet important, questions about the preparation of business and technical documents. This section covers abbreviations.
Creating a Living Endowment for Ensuring Performance
By Richard C. Gillespie, Gene E. Fusch
Jun 13, 2012
Richard C. Gillespie and Gene E. Fusch introduce their book, which describes techniques to create a workplace where members of an organization continuously strive for performance improvement. Creating such a workplace often leads to dynamic leadership, empowerment, personal ownership, and a place where people want to be every day.
Introduction to Losing It! Behaviors and Mindsets that Ruin Careers: Lessons on Protecting Yourself from Avoidable Mistakes
By Bill Lane
Jun 7, 2012
Bill Lane explains that the ability to look at oneself in a cold, unflattering, florescent-lit mirror; evaluate what you see; and act on that evaluation is a faculty that can and must be cultivated if your train is to stay on its track—and accelerate.
Introduction to Leadership, Discipline, and Effective Communication
By Helio Fred Garcia
May 29, 2012
Helio Fred Garcia introduces his book, which applies the Marine Corps’ strategy doctrine, as embodied in its Warfighting manual, to leadership communication.
When Social Media Meets PR, Communication Unites with Technology
By Deirdre K. Breakenridge
Apr 17, 2012
Each new practice introduced in Social Media and Public Relations is the result of what happens when social media meets PR and communications unites with technology. Following are the eight new practices vital to your role today.
Introduction to Presentations in Action: 80 Memorable Presentation Lessons from the Masters
By Jerry Weissman
May 16, 2011
Jerry Weissman introduces his book, which offers 80 lessons -- both what to do and what not to do -- from presentation masters.
Generating a Disruptive Idea: Unexpected Ideas Have Fewer Competitors
By Luke Williams
Feb 10, 2011
How do you transform an opportunity into an idea? Luke Williams explores the stumbling blocks to generating disruptive ideas and how to overcome them.
Entrepreneurial Solutions for Prosperity in BoP Markets: Identifying the Problem and the Solution
By Eric Kacou
Nov 4, 2010
Getting to the root cause of poverty requires moving beyond theory as we look at the problem from the perspective of typical individuals in Bottom of the Pyramid markets. In this chapter, Eric Kacou considers such individuals.
Introduction to The Rules of Work, Expanded Edition: A Definitive Code for Personal Success
By Richard Templar
Jul 28, 2010
Foreword to The Rules of Work, Expanded Edition: A Definitive Code for Personal Success
By Richard Templar
Jul 27, 2010
If people think you have it in you to solve the problems of the organization itself, not just your small part of it, you've broken away from the pack. But how do you do that? Follow Richard Templar's Rules of Work.
Retirementology: Great Expectations
By Gregory Salsbury
Apr 28, 2010
Mark Twain said, "Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get." When it comes to expectations, the best thing you can do is check them at the door and plan for all kinds of weather in retirement. Gregory Salsbury shows you how to manage your retirement expectations and improve your retirementology IQ.
The Wall Street Job Search: Winning in Any Market
By Roy Cohen
Apr 22, 2010
Most people are operating with passed-down wisdom, outdated advice, and popular magazine formulas for job search and career advancement that for the most part result in failure. Roy Cohen introduces the secrets and rules of the road that will really make a difference.
Create a Personally, Professionally, and Financially Rewarding Career Doing What You Love
By Paula Caligiuri
Mar 24, 2010
With the downturn in the economy, the elimination of jobs, and the increased desire for work-life balance, people are looking for more stability, greater fulfillment, and increased satisfaction from work. Are you?
Innovation Starts with Empathy: The Importance of Developing Deep Connections with the People You Serve
By Dev Patnaik
Oct 20, 2009
Dev Patnaik explains why companies prosper when they’re able to create widespread empathy for the world around them.
The Job Market Is Tight: It's Time to Take Back Control of Your Career
By Duncan Mathison, Martha I. Finney
Oct 7, 2009
Learn what the hidden job market is, how the techniques of the hidden job market work, and what you need to know you land your next job.
Is Your Organization High Performing?
By Ken Blanchard
Sep 16, 2009
Those who want to lead at a higher level need to understand that to create a high performing organization, they need to aim for the right target.
Top 10 Workplace Dysfunctions—And How to TerminateThem
By Roxanne Emmerich
Jun 30, 2009
Roxanne Emmerich names the top 10 killers of workplace enjoyment, and explains how to put an end to them (the attitudes, not the people).

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