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Why Poverty Hurts Everyone
By Philip Kotler, Nancy R. Lee
Jun 18, 2009
What is the impact of poverty on the rest of us—the nonpoor? Philip Kotler and Nancy R. Lee suggest it is enormous, and they make their case in this chapter.
Touchdown!: Achieving Your Greatness on the Playing Field of Business (and Life)
By Kevin Elko
Jun 4, 2009
What if you had just one play in you, one opportunity? What would it be? Think about it in light of your career, your health, your family and friends. Here is your starting point.
Jim Champy Discusses INSPIRE!
By Jim Champy
May 12, 2009
Learn how to keep your customers loyal—and attract new ones—in this Q&A with INSPIRE! author Jim Champy.
Introduction to Helping People Win at Work
By Ken Blanchard, Garry Ridge
May 5, 2009
In this introduction to their book, Ken Blanchard and WD-40 Company leader Garry Ridge reveal how WD-40 has used Blanchard’s techniques of Partnering for Performance with every employee--achieving levels of engagement and commitment that have fortified the bottom line.
Introduction to "Thank God It's Monday!"
By Roxanne Emmerich
Apr 15, 2009
Roxanne Emmerich, the most in-demand transformation agent in the business world today, shares her time-tested approach to creating a workplace that you and your customers love.
Jim Champy: From Tired to Inspired
By Jim Champy
Apr 7, 2009
The Web empowers customers, but it also empowers companies. Jim Champy explains how you can use the Web and other methods to not just sell, but inspire.
Finding Unexpected Purpose, Peace, and Fulfillment at Work: Offering Criticism
By Alan Lurie
Mar 16, 2009
When we approach another to offer criticism, we must be sure that we do so without malice, and with the positive intent to help, as we too would like to be treated.
Finding Unexpected Purpose, Peace, and Fulfillment at Work: Developing Persistence
By Alan Lurie
Mar 12, 2009
Is the power of persistence a change-agent in your life and in the lives of others? Alan Lurie looks at Dr. Seuss's Sam-I-Am for the answer.
Finding Unexpected Purpose, Peace, and Fulfillment at Work: Ethical Wealth
By Alan Lurie
Mar 11, 2009
To succeed in business, do you have to bend the rules, engage in dishonest activities, and play dirty?
Introduction to Five Minutes on Mondays: Finding Unexpected Purpose, Peace, and Fulfillment at Work
By Alan Lurie
Mar 10, 2009
How can I more effectively understand others and be understood? How can I prosper financially while maintaining my integrity? When should I say what’s on my mind, and when should I let it go? How can I keep going and maintain optimism in the face of challenges and setbacks? Is it possible to balance all the demands on my time and energy? Alan Lurie discusses these issues in this introduction to his book.
How Great Leaders Prevent Problems Before They Happen: Go from Problem-Solving to Problem-Finding
By Michael A. Roberto
Feb 19, 2009
Michael A. Roberto explains how his book aims to help leaders at all levels become more effective problem-finders.
Are You on the Layoff List?
By Martha I. Finney
Jan 13, 2009
Here are some signs that you might be on a list of people to be laid off.
The Truth About What Customers Want: They Think Your Product Sucks -- But That's Not a Bad Thing
By Michael R. Solomon
Nov 5, 2008
Companies no longer can rely solely upon a “push method” to inform their customers about their products; there is now a vibrant two-way dialogue that allows consumers to contribute their evaluations of products within their respective Web communities.
Baking Bread in Zimbabwe: Opportunities in the Rise of Africa
By Vijay Mahajan
Sep 10, 2008
Businesses are seizing a multitude of opportunities to build markets across Africa.
Working the Eddies: Pace Yourself to Preserve Your Sanity
By Gregory Shea, Robert E. Gunther
Aug 27, 2008
The following strategies can help you to pace yourself in a turbulent environment.
How to Land the Leadership Job of Your Dreams
By Martha I. Finney
Jun 26, 2008
We're competing with more, and more qualified, candidates for each available job. Learn a few tips for making yourself stand out in the crowd from The Truth About Getting the Best From People author Martha Finney.
My Favorite Mistakes
By Robert E. Gunther
Jun 26, 2008
We usually try to avoid making mistakes—but The Truth About Making Smart Decisions author Robert Gunther explains that not living an error-free life will actually improve your decision-making skills.
Some Reflections Upon "Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react"
By William Kane
Jun 24, 2008
We know that change is a given, a constant, a certainty—but we still resist it. Bill Kane, author of The Truth About Thriving in Change, considers why we can't overcome this barrier, and what we can do to work toward acceptance of our constantly changing lives.
“Made in China”—The Ultimate Warning Label
By Peter Navarro
May 12, 2008
Find out why “Made in China” has become a code red “warning label” that no sensible consumer should ignore.
Introduction to Managing Customers for Profit: Strategies to Increase Profits and Build Loyalty
May 6, 2008
Peek at some compelling case studies of companies that illustrate the best -- and worst -- of customer management.

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