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The Magic of Motivation

Have you ever tried to get someone to do something he or she didn’t want to do?  Did you try explaining all the mutual benefits, good reasons, rationale, win/win outcomes, and still get nowhere?  Did it leave you wondering what went wrong?

The answer might lie in motivation.

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Making the Leap to Leadership

It happens all the time: the outstanding worker promoted to management, the star performer as leader.  Maybe it’s happened to you, or to someone you know.  Maybe it happened to your own boss.  Sometimes it’s a recipe for disaster.

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Dating at Work

Ever since Valentine’s day, I’ve been getting asked to comment on workplace dating.  Should we do it, or not?  What are the risks?  Things like that.  The combination of romance with work can be a frightening minefield.

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"What I want doesn't matter."

When I met Wanda, she wasn’t very happy at work.  “I feel bored,” she said.  That’s not something you can tell your manager!  You might say her relationship with her job was on the rocks, but nobody was talking about it yet.  A big problem that, as it turned out, had a remarkably simple solution.

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Team Harmony as News

No matter what industry you work in, no matter what function you perform, no matter where in the world you sit, there’s one thing you have to do:  interact with people.  When the interactions aren’t working, the “work” doesn’t happen.  Such problems have a tremendous cost, yet are too often ignored.

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What are the Four Secrets?

Everyone is asking me lately to explain the Four Secrets to Liking Your Work.   When I say them, they sound simple...

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By Edward G. MuzioFebruary 20, 2008
Topics: Business books

"I LOVE my job!" ... Did I hear that right?

Today I was buried deep in thought when I heard Group Harmonics VP Dr. Deb Fisher yell out from her office, “I LOVE my job!!”   As CEO I take that as a very good sign.  We’re doing something right.  I didn’t hear that nearly as often in prior jobs, though I myself felt it quite a bit.

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By Edward G. MuzioFebruary 11, 2008
Topics: Business Communication