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Getting Invited Back for a Second Interview

It's happened to many of us.  We go through a first interview thinking we've nailed it but the phone doesn't ring for a second interview.  Sometimes it's due to poor job fit, but at other times there's something we've done which leaves a bad taste in the prospective employer's mouth.  Watch for these problem areas and increase the likelihood of a call-back...

  • Poor Attitude - If an interviewee comes in with a negative or angry attitude he will get the boot.  If people should be on their best behavior in an interview, how would the interviewee be in a normal work setting?  If another driver cut you off on the way to an interview and you're steamed about it, leave the problem in the car and come into the interview with a pleasant attitude.

  • Having an Entitlement Mentality - Coming into an interview with an attitude of "How are you going to entice me to come to your company" is a major turnoff.  Playing hard-to-get may work when dating; it doesn't work when interviewing for a job.

  • Showing Up Late  - Arriving late for an interview says right off the bat that the interviewee doesn't respect the employer's time and doesn't care enough about the job to arrive on time.  Be there at least ten minutes prior to the interview and wait for the interviewer.

  • Inappropriate Dress - Being under-dresses or dressed as if you're going clubbing doesn't work for the interview.  Wear a suit, and not one two sizes too small that you wore to a high-school dance.

  • Incessant Babbling - It's OK for an interviewee to be excited, but don't become a babbling fool and make it difficult for the interviewer to get questions in.  Listen attentively, be thoughtful in your responses, and respond to questions succinctly.

  • Over-Focus on Compensation - Yes, the interviewee is not going to be expected to work for free.  Showing a pre-occupation with compensation in the first interview can lead an interviewer to believe that all the interviewee cares about is money.  Get the interviewer to fall in love with you first before discussing compensation in depth.

Best to you -