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A Thanksgiving Options Poem

By  Nov 25, 2010

Topics: Finance & Investing

It does not always have to be about strategies, profits, and risk management. Sometimes it's about sitting down together and enjoying a feast ...

Value at a premium, underlying it all,

Is the dinner with a timely call -

Often implied in families volatile

Laud the special day American style.

Is the holiday just like a timely trade?

Not so, a time for family’s option made.

If now we view the many terms in play

Not only what we do but what we say.

Truth is the virtue that we should inspire

Unto our family, it shall not expire.

Now join together in a thankful way,

Enjoy the feast, not just the trading day.


In addition to serving as an aspiring poet, Michael C. Thomsett is an investing and options author and has also written for FT Press’ Agile Investor series, which can be viewed on FTPress.com. Thomsett’s latest FT Press book is Trading with Candlesticks.