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Amazon's New Kindle

By  Nov 27, 2007

Topics: Publishing, Ideas

I am not a really big fan of devices. I was late to the microwave, late to the VCR, late to the DVD. . .  Gee, I just bought a Blackberry!!! It is not the cost. They don't move me. I eventually get on board, but only when the options are the device or nothing. . . . .

So, I was surprised last week, when I was actually excited about the Kindle. I watched the video information touting the product, and I was impressed. (Full disclosure here: one of my authors, publishing a book next year on design as business strategy, designed the Kindle.) I talked with another of my authors, who had played with the product in test phase, and he oohed and ahhed about it.

That same author, Phil Baker (who designed the Apple Newton and other ground-breaking products) just sent me a first draft of a review of the Kindle that he will be writing for some online magazine. This paragraph is particularly interesting to me:

"Amazon has rethought the process and has come up with the best implementation (for an ereader) ever. Not only have they developed excellent hardware, they've created a seamless and simple process of selecting, retrieving and reading books."

Well, that is high praise, indeed. I have ordered one. It gets here next week. Wish me luck! I will let you know what I think.

Is this going to be the game changer that publishers and authors have been waiting for to open up the e-gates for content?