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"I LOVE my job!" ... Did I hear that right?

By  Feb 11, 2008

Topics: Business Communication

Today I was buried deep in thought when I heard Group Harmonics VP Dr. Deb Fisher yell out from her office, “I LOVE my job!!”   As CEO I take that as a very good sign.  We’re doing something right.  I didn’t hear that nearly as often in prior jobs, though I myself felt it quite a bit.

With our new book Four Secrets to Liking Your Work  releasing now, both Dr. Deb and I have been extra attentive to the issues that cause everyone to like, or hate, their jobs.  Too many people hate them!

Here’s one thing to consider:  Does your job have you behaving in ways that come naturally?  Are you an extrovert who talks to people, or an introvert who analyzes data?  If so, that’s a good sign.  If your situation is reversed, that can be a big stressor.

Take a look at our Quick Check.  There you can measure the ways in which you and your job “get along” … and the ways in which you don’t.  Getting closer on the mismatches will only be possible once you’ve found words to describe them.  This is a start, but there's more to come.  For now...

Work well, live well.
Ed :)