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Leading on the Edge Report - September 15, 2008

By  Sep 15, 2008

Topics: Management & Leadership

This edition of the Leading on the Edge Report:  Using Project Guides to Define Your Project in MS Project...The Top Ten Attributes of a Great Project Sponsor...Hail to the Chiefs:  United States President Mischief, Morals, and Malarkey from George W. to George W.

Welcome back from summer vacation!  This has certainly been an eventful September for me:  our eldest just started college and our youngest just started high school.  My wife is launching a new business (more on this later) and is having a lot of fun defining her business model and figuring out how she is going to attract and retain clients.  Great fun times at my house!

Beginning this month I am placing greater focus on using project management software as a strategic lever in helping PM's better manage projects.  I'll be digging into Microsoft Project as it is the best known product.  Give a look at a feature this month called "project guides" and see if there are some nuggets which may help you better define and manage your next project.