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New Options Books

By  Jan 11, 2010

Topics: Business books

I hope you will all check out my recently published options books. A listing follows ...

The Options Trading Body of Knowledge - Options offer investors multiple opportunities to enhance their profits. However, options trading is complex, and the sheer scope of available strategies can overwhelm traders … this book illuminates each key technique and strategy; how trades are structured how to assess risk, and when each strategy is most applicable. Sections include a market overview, market risks, elements of value, return calculations, stock selection, option taxation, option strategies, online and print resources, and an options glossary.

Options Trading for the Conservative Investor, 2nd Ed.  - you can increase your profits without also increasing risks. This book is all about preserving capital, maximizing predictability, and maintaining consistently strong returns. Chapters include option basics, risk and reward, managing profit and loss, generating cash, alternatives to buying stock, strategies in down markets, combination conservative techniques, and stock selection.

Put Option Strategies for Smarter Trading -- this book is designed to help you protect and build capital in turbulent markets. Markets like 2008 were characterized by widespread losses, but many of those could have been avoided or reduced with defensive put-based strategies. This book includes chapters about flexible risk levels, risk hedging, profit taking without selling stock, swing trading with puts, spread strategies with puts, straddles, ratio spreads, synthetic strategies, contrary price direction, and uncovered puts.

you can read more about any of these titles or place orders directly with FT Press.