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Options: A Holiday Poem

By  Dec 12, 2012

Topics: Finance & Investing

The month is slipping away quickly, so I thought I should hurry up and post my annual holiday options poem. Here it is ...

My excitement third Friday is now exercised -

Yule is here, underlying the deceptive disguised

Best, though to pause and perhaps just to wait -

Enough presents are given all round,

Lest you forget the skew and its sound.

In December month third Friday comes first

Nigh well before the holiday thirst,

Do not overlook your short risk fate

As this month may contain an ex-dividend date.

This is the message all traders should heed,

Have all your parties and presents indeed,

And after New Years the piper is paid

Never forget all those charges you made.

Know of your limits and all the risks too,

Santa cannot option errors undo.

Forthwith it comes and is gone in a flash

Over and done, disappears with your cash.

Reality then comes to bite good and hard

The bills will arrive for your maxed-out card.

How did it happen? You ask every year.

Even my elf has lost his good cheer.

Perhaps I will profit from options so well

Even short risk will fall by the sound of the bell

Never sure, but my options at last under-sell.