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Options Trading: Upcoming Covered Call Webinar

By  Mar 3, 2011

Topics: Finance & Investing

Have you wondered about the details of profitable covered calls? Most traders who understand the concept are also aware of some of the pitfalls. I am presenting a webinar through the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) on March 24, entitled “Putting Together the Profitable Covered Call.” Details follow …

To find out more about the NYIF webinar on March 24 and to sign up, go to http://www.nyif.com/courses/derv_1039.html. Topics covered include:

- the strike matters

- yielding higher returns

- dividend income

- when stock is called away

- avoiding exercising the call

Sign up and let me know you did so in response to this post. I will send a free, autographed copy of my book, “The Options Trading Body of Knowledge” to the first five people who write to me at Thomsett@att.net - I hope to see many of you live through the webinar.

Michael C. Thomsett is an instructor with the New York Institute of Finance. He teaches three options courses: “Swing Trading with Options,” “The Amazing World of Options,” and “Synthetic Options Strategies.” He is also an investing and options author and has also written for FT Press’ Agile Investor series, which can be viewed on FTPress.com. Thomsett’s latest FT Press book is Trading with Candlesticks. He also contributes to the CBOE newly-formed blog.