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Options Trading: A Christmas Visit

Is there a Santa Claus in the optinos market?

Before Christmas Eve was the trading floor still,

Even the options were striking at nil.

Lo, in the pits traders gave up their gifts;

I think no one cared about exercise shifts.

Not even a one, with the egg nog passed round

Dared speak of the markets, there was not a sound.

As I watched and wondered, was the price bottom found?

My amazement was met when I saw Old Saint Nick

Yule was for real, I realized quick.

Lost in the shuffle, he was not just a dream

On the mind of a child with a call or put stream,

Volatile legends may also be true

Even this week, option profits for you.


Michael C. Thomsett is an instructor with the New York Institute of Finance. He teaches five  courses: “Swing Trading with Options,” “The Amazing World of Options,” “Synthetic Options Strategies”, “Options timing and dividend income strategies,” and “Using candlestick reversal and continuation patterns to improve timing.”  He is also an investing and options author and has also written for FT Press’ Agile Investor series, which can be viewed on FTPress.com.