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Options trading: Dialogue from great literature ? "Gone with the Wind"

By  Sep 16, 2010

Topics: Finance & Investing

Rhett - I assume, dear Scarlett, that Charles provided well for you?

Scarlett - Why yes, he did even though we were not married for long.

Rhett - Did he invest any of your money in options?

Scarlett - Well I wouldn’t know about such complicated matters, I am afraid.

Rhett - So the topic of a strike never came up?

Scarlett - Certainly not. Charles was a gentleman and never laid a hand on me.

Rhett - And you knew nothing, then, about expiration?

Scarlett - No, sadly, his death came as a complete shock to everyone.

Rhett - Well then clearly he would not have had time to explain naked calls, I assume.

Scarlett - Sir, how dare you! This is not proper talk in my house, especially as I am recently a widow.

Rhett - My apologies, dear lady. But I must inquire: Did Charles not hedge your portfolio?

Scarlett - He did have a very nice hedge planted around my garden area, if that is what you mean. Yes, I do so enjoy my hedge.

Rhett - However, it is imperative that you understand at the very least the distinction between long and short positions.

Scarlett - I do like my men on the tall side, it is true. And I will admit, Charles was not a tall man; he wore a 36 short and although I overlooked his physical limitations, I did appreciate our time together.

Rhett - Frankly, Scarlett, I have the sense that we are not communicating about the same matters. Do you not realize we are entering a severe bear market?

Scarlett - Sir! a lady is always properly attired when going to the market. I would never, never appear in the public without my modesty under control.

Rhett - I am only asking, my dear lady, that you develop an understanding of the underlying stock.

Scarlett - It is sadly true that our cattle was slaughtered in the crossfire of the battle, and that they are buried on the grounds.

Rhett - By “underlying stock," I meant -- 

Scarlett - Kind sir, I am finding all of this double talk to be most frustrating. Please leave me now … I must prepare for tomorrow. It is the third Friday of the month and I expect with the battle raging around us, there will be many more expirations before the weekend is done.

Rhett - I have no doubt.

Scarlett - I do not want to appear volatile, but what are you implying, sir?


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