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Webinar: Managing Risks in Trading Options

By  Nov 2, 2011

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Can you manage risks while trading options?

TraderTalk: Strategies That Work in Today's Market Environment

Dear Trader: 

What strategies are working best in the current market environment?

To find out, click here to join us this Thursday 11/3 at 1:30 PM CT for TraderTalk as we interview 3 traders who, we think, will have some good answers for you. 
Two of them are option strategists and we'll be asking them "What strategies do you like to use when the market is swinging in a wide range?"

The other trader trades at night. We'll find out from him, "Are market trends at night conducive to orderly trading, even when the market is highly volatile during the daytime?" 
Who are these traders?
Jared Levy is an options trader whose passion is teaching traders how to successfully trade and invest for a living, while keeping risk and portfolio volatility low and returns high. Jared uses proven option strategies and a wide variety of diverse instruments.

Michael Thomsett has written six bestselling books on options and has been an instructor at the New York Institute of Finance.  His areas of expertise range from using options to maximize returns in a portfolio to using options as a hedge during a bear market.

Bill Costarides from DTI has specialized in trading the E-mini S&P futures at night for the past 15 years. We'll ask Bill about the opportunities he sees in the current markets and how he intends to trade them.
With the market making wide swings and the influence of holiday seasonality kicking in soon, be sure to equip yourself with the best strategies and tactics. Click the link below now to register for TraderTalk.