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What are the Four Secrets?

By  Feb 20, 2008

Topics: Business books

Everyone is asking me lately to explain the Four Secrets to Liking Your Work.   When I say them, they sound simple...

Work in ways you like, work on things that drive you, work on things you enjoy, and work with skills you have.  That’s like saying “don’t marry the wrong person.”  Great advice, but much easier said than done!

What we do know – and we’ve known for a long time – is the importance of self knowledge.

Self knowledge is power!   To put the Four Secrets to work, you first have to define what you need. Try this.  Which of the following is most important to you: To Learn, To Help, To Experience, To Control Direction, To Get Results, To Maintain Order.   Which seems most important to you?  Which seems least important?  Now, the big question:  how do you meet this need?  Does work help? If so, you’re in good shape.  If not, you may be in for some workplace stress.

Where might you find more of what you need?  Now that’s a good question to ponder.  Good luck!