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Write a Purple Cow

I have been jabbering away, in my last few posts, about creating a great title for your book, one that is a clarion call for the uniqueness that is your book, your idea.

Uniqueness. That is what you want. Your idea should be what Seth Godin refers to, in his outstanding book (must reading for anyone who develops products, which is what book writing and editing is all about)--Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.

If you are not going to write something about an idea that is unique, that is remarkable, why bother? Me too is, well, done already. Who wants to read the obvious? Tell me something I don't already know, that's what the reader craves.

Being remarkable is the difference between Good to Great and just another management book. Being remarkable is the difference between the iPod and any other MP3 player. Being remarkable is the difference between Derek Jeter and any other major leaguer. Being remarkable sustains attention: it is its own raison d'etre.

Which leads me back to Seth's book, Purple Cow. If you haven't read it, do so (I did not publish this book, so I have no financial interest in its success). Like almost all of Seth's books, it is a short book with a simple idea that is unique and profound--and fun. By the way, fun is good, too.

And, circling back to titling, notice that Seth's title and subtitle mirror all the things that I wrote about in my titling posts: it is unique and it tells you--without the need for intermediation--exactly what the value proposition of the book is, and why you want to buy it.

One final note: if you don't read Seth's blog, you should. It is fun, it is Seth, it is filled with tidbits of good ideas. Find it at: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/