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Consuming Passions: In Product Design, Form IS Function

By Michael R. SolomonOct 4, 2008

We used to distinguish between form and function, but in today’s design economy form is function.

Consuming Passions: What is Reality - and Will We Pay For It?

By Michael R. SolomonOct 4, 2008

What is reality?  Marketers and consumers coexist in a complicated, two-way relationship. It’s often hard to tell where marketing efforts leave off and “the real world” begins. One result of these blurred boundaries is that we are no longer sure where the line that separates this fabricated world from reality begins and ends. Will consumers pay to live in a brand-free environment?

Consuming Passions: Consumer Behavior is Popular Culture is Consumer Behavior

By Michael R. SolomonAug 30, 2008

Computer mediated environments like Second Life are not only a new marketing opportunity for corporations, but also a new horizon for educators, policymakers, and non-profits.  Do the promises of these virtual worlds outweigh the pitfalls?

Peter Navarro

Labor Day is a wake, not a celebration

By Peter NavarroSep 4, 2007

Labor Day is a wake, not a celebration

Peter Navarro


By Peter NavarroAug 30, 2007

There is an excellent front page article on the Three Gorges Dam in the Aug. 29 edition of the Wall Street Journal.   In The Coming China Wars, I discuss the problems with the Three Gorges Dam in detail.  Here’s an excerpt:

Peter Navarro


By Peter NavarroAug 27, 2007

Click here to watch the complete webstream of Book TV’s presentation on The Coming China Wars.   Note that to watch this, you must have a Windows Media Player.  For a shorter version that will play right off you web browser on You Tube, click here. Now for this week’s China Effect:


Peter Navarro


By Peter NavarroAug 23, 2007

Book TV will air The Coming China Wars

Peter Navarro


By Peter NavarroAug 20, 2007

#1: While the US is the world’s beef king, China far and away is the world’s leading pork producer.  Unfortunately, China is also the world’s biggest source of mutant virus strains – think SARS. 

Peter Navarro

China: the defective-product king

By Peter NavarroAug 15, 2007

Beijing's attitude about quality of its goods reflects its Maoist legacy.

Peter Navarro

Providence Journal Oped

By Peter NavarroAug 10, 2007

Peter Navarro: An unsporting Beijing Olympiad

Thursday, August 9, 2007, Providence Journal


IRVINE, Calif.

Peter Navarro

My Notes for My Segment on Today's Power Lunch -- CNBC

By Peter NavarroAug 10, 2007

This is the sample Q&A I prepared for an appearance on CNBC in response to a report in the Daily Telegraph (England) that "The Chinese government has begun a concerted campaign of economic threats against the United States, hinting that it may liquidate its vast holding of US treasuries if Washington imposes trade sanctions to force a yuan revaluation."

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