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Michael Thomsett

How to Improve Your Odds with Put Ratio Backspreads

By Michael C. ThomsettDec 18, 2012

Traders tend to view the put ratio backspread as a bear strategy, because it employs puts. However, it is actually a volatility strategy.

Michael Thomsett

Options: A Holiday Poem

By Michael C. ThomsettDec 12, 2012

The month is slipping away quickly, so I thought I should hurry up and post my annual holiday options poem. Here it is ...

Michael Thomsett

Options Trading - the B-S Pricing Model

By Michael C. ThomsettDec 7, 2012

The big question, of course, is: How can we rely on a formula with a series of variables that are provably inaccurate and based on a flawed assumptions, exponentially inaccurate variables, and outdated models about the nature of options?

Michael Thomsett

William Shakespeare: A Sonnet about Options?

By Michael C. ThomsettNov 2, 2012

Did William Shakespeare trade options? -- from ThomsettOptions.com

Michael Thomsett

Technical analysis - mastering the basics

By Michael C. ThomsettOct 23, 2012

How do we time trades? Entry and exit may be wise based on circumstances, but timing is the key to making smart moves well-timed moves as well.

Michael Thomsett

What Are Your Options?

By Michael C. ThomsettSep 17, 2012

Investors need net returns that match or beat the double effect of inflation and taxes. But they don’t want to have to take on higher risks. This is a dilemma, but there are solutions.

Michael Thomsett

Options trading: All about education

By Michael C. ThomsettAug 31, 2012

How do we learn about options? There are so many sites out there, but do these many sites really give you what you need?

Michael Thomsett

Options Trading: The Most Common Risk

By Michael C. ThomsettAug 28, 2012

Traders hear about all kinds of risk, but one specific type is common to traders at all levels, but rarely if ever discussed.

Michael Thomsett

Options Trading: Options By the Great Poets?

By Michael C. ThomsettJul 25, 2012

It may be true that listed options are a somewhat modern oddity. But some quick research has turned up interesting commentary on options trading and, specifically, concerning risks and going short. So William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe and even Ogden Nash added their voices to the unending debate about options trading …

Michael Thomsett

Options Trading: Mastering the Basics is Never All That Easy

By Michael C. ThomsettJul 16, 2012

No matter how many years you trade options, you have to continuously re-focus yourself, remember your rules of trading, risk standards, and much more.

Michael Thomsett

The dividend collar, an example - rewritten

By Michael C. ThomsettJul 14, 2012

Following is a rewritten version of my previous blog. The example contained an error, which has now been fixed.

Michael Thomsett

Options trading: The Dividend Collar, An Example

By Michael C. ThomsettJul 5, 2012

I have been blogging extensively about the risk-free, double-digit returns possible with the dividend collar. Most traders are curious and positive about this, but a few have claimed it will not work. Here is an example of a recent trade on which the dividend collar would have worked profitably - double-digit annualized returns and elimination of market risk.

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