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Martha Finney

Maybe There Are Some Lights You Should Hide Under a Bushel -- At Least While You're on the Job Hunt

By Martha I. FinneyDec 7, 2009

If your political beliefs aren't necessary for the job you want, keep them off your resume.

Martha Finney

Your Next Job Interview Should Be With Yourself

By Martha I. FinneyOct 27, 2009

Too many people start a new job search without catching up with how they've changed since the last time they were looking for a job. Answer just a few questions for yourself and you'll have a better chance of making sure that the job you're looking for is the job that perfect for who you are now.

Lonnie Pacelli

Leading on the Edge Report - December 1, 2008

By Lonnie PacelliDec 1, 2008

For those of you in the United States I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and that you had plenty of time to spend enjoying your loved ones.  We spent the week in Phoenix where we enjoyed time with terrific family and friends.  I planned on doing my newsletter over the holiday but had too much fun doing little things with my wife and kids. Precious times indeed.    

Lonnie Pacelli

Leading on the Edge Report - November 15, 2008

By Lonnie PacelliNov 10, 2008

The United States and the rest of the world has been watching the Presidential election with a wide range of emotions including fear, excitement, uncertainty, angst, and wonder.  History was made with the election of Barack Obama.  Many were elated, many were disappointed.  Regardless of political affiliation, my faith tells me to respect the authority of our leaders and to pray for them.  President-elect Obama has many challenges facing him and he deserves our respect as leader and commander in chief. 

Lonnie Pacelli

Leading on the Edge Report - November 1, 2008

By Lonnie PacelliOct 29, 2008

I hope that during these times you are keeping your head above water and keeping good balance in your work and personal life. It’s going to be a busy couple of months for me between writing, speaking engagements, and consulting aside from my important role as a husband, father and friend. I talk a lot about keeping work/life balance not only for you but also as a reminder for me. Heaven knows I need it!
Lonnie Pacelli

Getting Invited Back for a Second Interview

By Lonnie PacelliOct 20, 2008

It's happened to many of us.  We go through a first interview thinking we've nailed it but the phone doesn't ring for a second interview.  Sometimes it's due to poor job fit, but at other times there's something we've done which leaves a bad taste in the prospective employer's mouth.  Watch for these problem areas and increase the likelihood of a call-back...

Lonnie Pacelli

Leading on the Edge Report - October 15, 2008

By Lonnie PacelliOct 11, 2008

So like many of you, I’ve watched my portfolio get absolutely hammered over the past months.  Since my last report the Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped over 2000 point despite the most significant financial bailout in history.  These are very sobering times and cause many to reflect on what is truly important; faith, family, and friends. My thoughts and prayers go out to each of you.

Lonnie Pacelli

Managing Outsourced Relationships

By Lonnie PacelliOct 4, 2008

More and more companies are outsourcing everything from IT to call centers to facilities management.  Measuring the effectiveness of the outsourcer is crucial and can mitigate tons of downstream issues for both companies.  Consider the following to help you better measure outsourcer effectiveness:

Lonnie Pacelli

Diffusing Conflict Between Co-Workers

By Lonnie PacelliSep 29, 2008

So everything isn't always peachy keen when it comes to working together.  At times co-workers are going to get in each others'  face and have some conflict.  As a bystander, there's some things you can do and not do to help put out the co-worker fire:

Lonnie Pacelli

Leading on the Edge Report - October 1, 2008

By Lonnie PacelliSep 29, 2008

Wow, what times we live in now.  As I write this the United States Legislature is about to embark upon the most significant financial bailout of Wall Street in world history. Companies thought to be bullet-proof are now no longer in existence. FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) is prevalent amongst businesses large and small today.

The Magic of Motivation

By Edward G. MuzioMar 24, 2008

Have you ever tried to get someone to do something he or she didn’t want to do?  Did you try explaining all the mutual benefits, good reasons, rationale, win/win outcomes, and still get nowhere?  Did it leave you wondering what went wrong?

The answer might lie in motivation.

Peter Navarro

Labor Day is a wake, not a celebration

By Peter NavarroSep 4, 2007

Labor Day is a wake, not a celebration

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