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17 Rules Successful Companies Use to Attract and Keep Top Talent, by David Russo, from FT Press
In a new FT Press book, award-winning HR expert provides 17 rules companies can use to attract & keep top talent, increase profits, and sustain competitive advantage
Feb 9, 2010
33 Million People in the Room, by Juliette Powell
New book from FT Press shows how to create, influence, and run a successful business with social networking.
Feb 3, 2009
800-CEO-READ, Best of 2008: FT Press Book "Do You Matter?" Wins Best of Innovation/Creativity
FT Press book named winner in the Innovation/Creativity category by 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards 2008
Dec 18, 2008
A Candid "12 Step" Program For Transforming Leadership Behavior
Break From the Pack Explains How to Dominate “Commodity Hell”
Aug 24, 2006
A Complete and Balanced Service Scorecard
New book from FT Press helps your company create value through sustained performance improvement
Jun 11, 2008
A Manager’s Guide to Project Management, by Michael B. Bender, from FT Press
New book from FT Press challenges managers to think clearly about goals in long- and short-term.
Sep 1, 2009
A Sensational Insider’s View of Trading and Marketing Derivatives
Traders, Guns & Money, Previously Released in the U.K., Now Available in the U.S.
Aug 29, 2006
A Trader’s First Book on Commodities, by Carley Garner, from FT Press
New FT Press book provides crucial information for beginning traders
Feb 10, 2010
A World of Wealth: How Capitalism Turns Profit into Progress
New book from FT Press shows how capitalism builds wealth and drives progress
Jun 10, 2008
Allies & Enemies, by Anne Maczulak, from FT Press Science
New book from FT Press Science discusses the role and history of bacteria in our lives.
Jul 21, 2010

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