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Break From the Pack Explains How to Dominate “Commodity Hell”

Upper Saddle River, NJ (August 24, 2006) - What impresses business author Oren Harari about Google, Pixar, Genentech, Whole Foods and Sirius Satellite Radio? The way that they “get” innovation. Harari, author of the new book Break From The Pack: How To Compete In A Copycat Economy applauds these companies for demonstrating “that rare combination of audacity, lunacy and disciplined leadership.” Harari identifies these elements as mission critical to creating a corporate hothouse of innovation, prosperity and sustained future growth.

Harari, selected in 2002 by the London Financial Times and Prentice Hall as one of “the world’s greatest management thinkers,” has created a how-to handbook designed for readers at every corporate rank, teaching them how to pull off audacity, lunacy and disciplined leadership. Break From The Pack shows business leaders how to:

Resist the Pull of the Pack
Find out why commoditization and imitation are the biggest strategic challenges for organizations today, and how the best leaders successfully confront those challenges.

Break From The Pack
Learn why it’s so important to avoid the compulsion to cut costs, boost sales, and seek mergers—and then learn how to do them right in a Copycat Economy.

Complete a 12-Step Recovery Program
Discover how to execute great ideas, lead others in the quest for innovation, trigger a solid, sustainable bottom line, and enhance your career at the same time.

Break From The Pack is ushering in a much-needed new era of management think that can place leaders firmly back in the driver’s seat by showing them how to differentiate their companies and create exciting new value for customers and shareholders.

About The Author
Oren Harari, Professor at the Graduate School of Business, University of San Francisco, specializes in strategic and global management. Honored by the editors of The Financial Times’ Business Minds as one of the world’s 40 “best minds” in management, he served for twelve years as senior consultant and speaker for The Tom Peters Group. His previous books include Jumping the Curve, Beep! Beep! Competing in the Age of the Roadrunner; and Leapfrogging the Competition. He serves on the U.S. State Department’s Advisory Council on Leadership and Management, and co-founded The Integrity Institute, which works to measure and elevate the integrity of corporations, leaders, and capital markets.

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Break From The Pack: How To Compete In A Copycat Economy
By Oren Harari
Financial Times Press
September 2006
$25.99, Hardcover
ISBN 0-13-188863-3