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Laura Czaja
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The New Horizon of Investing: ETFs in Healthcare, Infrastructure, Environment

New book from FT Press shows you how to construct your portfolio for tomorrow and simultaneously tap into the immense wealth -building possibilities that will drive our new prosperity

May 13, 2010 (New York, NY) – Millions of investors are worried about our troubled economy and wondering “Where are today’s investing opportunities that will create tomorrow’s wealth?”

According to Jeffrey Feldman, Founder and CEO of XShares Group, a financial services company ( and Andrew Hyman, Vice President of Private Sector Advisors, Inc., tomorrow’s winning investments will be in healthcare, infrastructure, and the environment. And for the savvy investor, the low-cost, simple, and easy-to-use ETF is the ideal investment tool for buying into the trends of the future.

“Investing in healthcare, the environment and infrastructure through ETFs allows you to buy into the next major wave of investments while creating a healthier economy at the same time,” state Feldman and Hyman. “For investors willing to take control of their investments, the combination of demographic changes, new investment tools, and major societal needs make this a great time to look at these sectors poised for explosive growth.”

Their new book, Three Paths to Profitable Investing: Using ETFs in Healthcare, Infrastructure and the Environment to Grow Your Assets (FT Press, ISBN-13: 9780137054268, $34.99, 345 pps., May 2010), highlights new strategies for choosing the right ETFs in tomorrow’s highest-growth industries, and reducing portfolio costs that are destroying your returns. And just as important as choosing the right ETFs is selecting the right time horizon—the best possible time to “catch the wave” and reap enormous profits: right now, just before investments in these industries come into vogue.

Feldman and Hyman introduce a step-by-step approach to utilizing sector ETFs both as part of a long-term strategy that eliminates single-stock risk and as part of shorter-term hedging strategies. You don’t need an advisor to use these techniques: you can build a portfolio that accesses unprecedented innovation, reigniting your own personal prosperity and that of society at the same time.

From Three Paths to Profitable Investing, you’ll learn:

  • To choose your targets—and get rid of the middleman: Why ETFs are now the best way to invest in the future
  • About the healthcare crisis and the biotech revolution: Profiting from the new face of healthcare in America—and limiting your risks
  • About “green” investing and “green ETFs”: Clean technologies, clean energy, and the three “wild cards” of green power
  • Why infrastructure will be huge—and how to invest in it successfully: Picking winning ETFs in the highest-growth infrastructure sectors

“Assigning blame for financial misdeeds helps us feel better, but locks us into arguing about the past, which will not rebuild our economy or make you money,” state Feldman and Hyman. “Our goal is to explain the various ETFs that invest in environment, healthcare and infrastructure, three sectors that represent society’s most pressing needs, sectors that will continue to develop thereby offering substantial and permanent wealth opportunities for investors.”

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About the Authors
Jeffrey Feldman (Princeton, NJ), founder and chief strategist for the XShares Group, is a 40-year veteran of Wall Street and has been in the ETF business since 2003. Most recently he worked in partnership with TD Ameritrade to create the TDX Independence Funds, the first target-date ETFs, where he currently serves as the funds’ Chairman. Jeff has taught college-level courses in finance and economics, and has been a popular speaker at numerous professional and investor conferences including The Money Show, The Milken Institute, and the American Association of Individual Investors (Berkeley, CA).

Andrew Hyman (Chicago, IL) is Vice President of Private Sector Advisors, Inc., a private consulting and investing company, and co-author of ETF Strategies and Tactics: Hedge Your Portfolio in a Changing Market and Energy Risk Management: A Primer for Utilities among other books on the utility industry.

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Three Paths to Profitable Investing: Using ETFs in Healthcare, Infrastructure and the Environment to Grow Your Assets
Jeffrey Feldman and Andrew Hyman
May 2010
345 pps.
ISBN-13: 9780137054268