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Exceptional Leaders Create Opportunities Others Don't

Advantage-Makers consistently see possibilities others miss. They learn more, learn faster, and transform their insights into breakaway strategies. They are more effective collaborators, more powerful influencers, better at handling adversity, and dramatically more successful at execution. In The Advantage-Makers, Steven Feinberg shows you how to "think different" and find the commanding vantage point in every situation, from which you can maximize every opportunity.

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Digital Analytics Primer
Presentation Book, The: How to create it, shape it and deliver it!

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Profit from Passion and Purpose

Today's best companies get it. They're generating every form of value that matters—emotional, experiential, social, and financial—not because it's "politically correct," but because it's the only path to long-term competitive advantage. Firms of Endearment illuminates the idea of building companies that can sustain success in a radically new era, earning the powerful loyalty and affection that enables truly breathtaking performance.

Compete in a Copycat Economy

Everywhere, products are being commoditized, services are being imitated, and traditional barriers to market entry are collapsing. Break from the Pack shows you how to sustain competitive advantage in today's Copycat Economy: learn how to dominate markets (and when to leave them); how to create a "higher cause" that will mobilize stakeholders; and how to build a pipeline of cool, compelling products, in any industry.