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The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way

Jeffrey Gitomer's The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way digs deep into the 9.5 elements that make persuasion, and getting your way, happen. By breaking down the elements, you will begin to understand, take action, become proficient, and then master the ability to persuade. Learn to write and sell persuasively, change a presentation into a performance, and develop complete mental readiness that enables you to harness the power of persuasion.

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25 Need-to-Know Management Ratios

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Customer-Centered Solutions with RDE

In Selling Blue Elephants, Howard Moskowitz and Alex Gofman use real-life examples to explain Rule Developing Experimentation (RDE), which is the systematized process of designing, testing and modifying alternative ideas, packages, products, or services in a disciplined way so that the developer and marketer discover what appeals to the customer, even if the customer can't articulate the need, much less the solution. They also examine RDE's use in innovation and design, and its possible uses in the international, political, bioinformatics, and finance areas.

Break Bad Habits, Institute Good Ones

Why do so many good companies engage in self-destructive behavior? Is your company headed for the same fate? How do you know? How do you change course? In The Self-Destructive Habits of Good Companies, Jagdith Sheth identifies seven dangerous habits even well-run companies fall victim to, and helps you diagnose and break these habits before they destroy you— then instill the good habits your business needs: the habits of sustainable profitability and market leadership.