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Finance in a Nutshell: A no-nonsense companion to the tools and techniques of finance

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Finance in a Nutshell: A no-nonsense companion to the tools and techniques of finance


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 6x9
  • Pages: 408
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-273-67540-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-273-67540-2

No other book is a comprehensive toolkit of financial issues, instructive, and so easy to read, all at the same time – this is an easy-to-read guide to the hard-to-understand stuff of business finance.

  • The author regularly gives talks, seminars, and courses for executives and is very aware of their lack of understanding (or their inability to remember) simple but key financial concepts and tools. He is continually asked to recommend a simple book that helps them to refresh key financial concepts and tools. 
  • Self-contained: Other than some elementary algebra, no other previous knowledge will be necessary to understand the concepts discussed.
  • Comprehensive: It will contain most or all topics, concepts, and tools that executives can easily forget, find hard to understand, and/or would like to know more about.
  • Simple and easy to read: Many well-educated executives have all but forgotten their finance and are regularly put off by books that are far more academic than they need. This book will be written in a simple and conversational style.
  • Concise with short chapters throughout: This is critical as many executives are put off by long books or never ending chapters.
  • Essential elementary theory and many real-world examples. All concepts and tools will be illustrated with catchy and factual examples.
  • Excel: Spreadsheets have become an inseparable part of working in Finance and this book will show readers how to use Excel to simplify their work.
  • Test Yourself: problems with worked numerical solutions throughout.

Sample Content

Table of Contents


1        Returns I: Basic concepts

2        Returns II: Mean returns

3        Risk I: Total risk

4        Risk and return I: Portfolios

5        Risk II: Diversification

6        Risk III: Systematic Risk

7        Risk and return II: The CAPM, and the cost of capital

8        Risk and return III: Alternatives to the CAPM

9        Risk IV: Downside risk

10    Risk and return IV: Risk-adjusted returns

11    Risk and return V: Optimal portfolios

12    Risk and return: VI: The long run


13    Stocks I: The dividend discount model

14    Stocks II: The WACC model

15    Stocks III: Other DCF models

16    Stocks IV: Reverse valuation

17    Stocks V: Relative valuation

18    Bonds I: Prices and yields

19    Bonds II: Default risk and market risk

20    Bonds III: Duration and convexity


21    NPV and IRR

22    Real options

23    Corporate value creation

24    Options

25    Futures and forwards

26    Currencies


27    Stats I: Summary statistics

28    Stats II: Normality

29    Stats III: Non-normality

30    Stats IV: Regression analysis


Part V: Learning Scripts for Programs






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