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Financial Times Guide to Business Development: How to Win Profitable Customers and Clients


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  • Copyright 2012
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  • Pages: 192
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  • ISBN-10: 0-273-75953-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-273-75953-9

“The Financial Times Guide to Business Development is inspirational. It is easy to read, hard to put down and there are absolute gems on every page. Read it and get fired up.”

Jonathan Straight, Chief Executive of Straight plc, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2006


“Ian’s insights into how business is getting it wrong, act as a powerful catalyst to help businesses of all sizes improve and develop in a tough climate.”

Len Tingle, BBC Political Editor, Yorkshire, veteran BBC broadcaster and writer on business issues.


“… an interesting and insightful book that breaks down ‘what good businesses do’, in a format that is easy to understand.  A really good read.” 

Gary Brook, Head of Corporate Communication, Leeds Building Society


“This is a game changer for any business wishing to grow and develop.”

Viv Williams, CEO, 360 Legal Group


“If you have a business that needs a boost, then it shows how anyone can become a ninja at business development.” 

Heather Townsend, author of The Financial Times Guide To Business Networking



What do we have to do to be more successful?


How do we attract new customers and clients?


How do we work more effectively with the customers or clients we already have?


How do we generate more profit?


By the time you have read and digested the 650+ tips, tools, techniques and strategic questions in this book you will have the answers to all of these questions. You will also know what to do to get bigger and better results.


“I am 100% confident that you will find the book engaging, provocative and informative and that, if you follow the steps, you will automatically experience massive improvements in your business development results.” – Ian Cooper

Table of Contents

Contents List



Chapter 1 - The 21 Common Sense Business Development Truths

1.      Focus On Converting Leads, Not Just Generating Leads

2.      Exceed Customer Expectations

3.      Speak To Potential Customers And Clients … And Speak To Them Nicely

4.      Be Open For Business

5.      Don’t Let Your Administration Get In The Way

6.      There’s No Job More Important Than Helping Customers or Clients Part With Their Cash

7.      Don’t Let Technology Get In The Way

8.      Quality And Word Of Mouth Counts For Everything

9.      Actively Strive For Consistency

10.  Recruitment Is Part Of Business Development

11.  Keep In Touch With Your Existing Customers And Clients

12.  Master Social Online Media

13.  Test Your Ideas, Concepts And Prices

14.  Plan, But Keep Things Simple

15.  Take Complaints Seriously

16.  Make Your Customer Or Client Environment Appropriate

17.  Train Your People To Spot Opportunities

18.  Get Out Of Your Office Or Premises And Mix And Mingle

19.  Find A Niche And Specialise

20.  Model What Works Best

21.  Be Squeaky Clean


Chapter 2 - Asking The Right Business Questions: A Toolkit For Business Development

The 5 Impact Questions

The 100 Business Development Questions


Chapter 3 - The 20 Business Development Pricing Tools, Truths And Techniques

1.      Winning Business Is Not The Most Important Thing – Being Profitable Is.

2.      Price Is A Communications Issue, Not A Financial Or Accounting One.

3.      Focus On Value And Service And Not Just Price.

4.      Bundle In And Include As Much As You Can.

5.      Unbundle And Charge Things Separately.

6.      Don’t Fall Into The Price Trap.

7.      Consider Increasing Your Prices.

8.      Use Division And Comparison.

9.      Get Others To Justify Your Prices.

10.  Price With Guarantees.

11.  Price For Specialisation.

12.  Price For Profile And Experience.

13.  Price Based On Feedback And Testing.

14.  Price For Prestige.

15.  Price For Know-How.

16.  Price With The Competition In Mind.

17.  If You Must Have A Loss Leader, Make It Count.

18.  Consider Special Deals, Promotions, Sales And Discounts.

19.  Price For Easy Payment.

20.  Pricing With Magic Numbers.


Chapter 4 – Introducing The Business Development Priorities

Priority 1 – Convert Leads, Opportunities And Enquiries Into Profitable Business.

Priority 2 – Develop More Business From Existing Customers And Clients.

Priority 3 – Externalise Business Development Efforts To Generate New Opportunities, Leads And Enquiries.



Chapter 5 - Priority 1 – Convert Leads, Opportunities And Enquiries Into Profitable Business.

The 10 Commandments Of Converting Leads And Enquiries.

The 5 Step Conversion System.


Chapter 6 - Priority 2 – Develop More Business From Existing Customers And Clients.

The Five Golden Rules:

Golden Rule 1 – Know Your Customers And Clients.

Golden Rule 2 – Keep Your Customers And Clients Happy.

Golden Rule 3 – Keep In Touch With Customers And Clients

Golden Rule 4 – Offer Additional Products And Services.

Golden Rule 5 – Get Customers And Clients To Give You Referrals And Recommendations.


Chapter 7 - Priority 3 – Externalise Business Development Efforts To Generate New Opportunities, Leads And Enquiries.

The Common Sense Guide To Developing Your Business Online.

14 Ways To Develop Your Business Through Joint Ventures And Collaboration.

How To Win In Competitive Situations.

Brand Your Way To Business Development Success.

Direct Targeting By Telephone


Chapter 8 - Personal Performance Business Development Skills

Sales Skills – 9 Key Tips

Writing Skills – 8 Important Rules

Conversational Networking Skills – 8 Key Issues

Presentation Skills – 10 Golden Rules

Negotiation Skills – 10 Golden Rules

Time Management Skills – 8 Important Tips


Chapter 9 – Pulling It Altogether … Making It Happen

Beware Of Planning Madness

Know What To Do First

Create Some ‘Have To’ Targets

Hit Your Targets By Working Backwards

Provide Strong Leadership

Stop Putting Things Off









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