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Knowledge @ Wharton Summer Reading Collection (Members Save Up to 50%)

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Knowledge @ Wharton Summer Reading Collection (Members Save Up to 50%)


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-13-221860-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-221860-3

For a limited time, receive four Wharton School Publishing books, which are excerpted in the Knowledge@Wharton Summer Book Section: Lie Low, Lean Back, and Read. Additionally, as a bonus, you'll receive Built for Growth, the ground breaking book by Arthur Rubinfeld. The Knowledge@Wharton Summer Reading Collection was designed specifically for readers who want in-depth coverage of the issues and ideas that drive business today. With more than 1,500 pages from the world's leading authorities on product design, management, marketing, and leadership, this collection is a must have for readers who have come to know and respect the business insight provided every two weeks by Knowledge@Wharton.

This limited time offer is available to you at the special discounted price of $64.95, a savings of more than 50%, and includes:

  • Why Great Leaders Don't Take Yes for an Answer:  Executives hear “yes” far too often. Their status and power inhibits candid dialogue. They don’t hear bad news until it’s too late. They get groupthink, not reality. They think they’ve achieved consensus, then find their decisions undermined or derailed by colleagues who never really bought in. They become increasingly isolated; even high-risk or illegal actions can begin to go unquestioned. Inevitable? Absolutely not. In this book, Harvard Business School Professor Michael Roberto shows you how to promote honest, constructive dissent and skepticism... use it to improve your decisions... and then align your entire organization to fully support the decisions you make. Drawing on his extensive research on executive decision-making, Roberto shows how to test and probe the members of your management team... discover when “yes” means “yes” and when it doesn’t... and build real, deep consensus that leads to action. Along the way, Roberto offers important new insights into managing teams, mitigating risk, promoting corporate ethics through effective governance, and much more. Your organization and your executive team have immense untapped wisdom: this book will help you tap that wisdom to the fullest.
  • Built for Growth:  If there's one thing that's consistent in today's business world, it's rapid change. So how do you not only stay steady but actually grow'and quickly enough to stay safely ahead of your competitors? Built for Growth delivers specific solutions to create a brand and presence that generates true customer passion, as you lay a solid foundation for long-term success. Author Arthur Rubinfeld was a major driver in Starbucks' unprecedented retail expansion from 100 stores to more than 4000-- and its transformation into one of the world's most recognized brands. Here he draws on his singular expertise to present a proven, holistic approach to conceiving, designing, and executing your business plan: creating exciting concepts, growing them to fruition in local markets, expanding rapidly, and keeping your brand fresh and relevant as it matures. His revolutionary approach to business strategy embodies strong personal values, promotes exceptional creativity, leverages scientific methodology in finance and market analysis, and brings it all together with 'old-time' customer service. Each lesson is clearly distilled with detailed examples from one of the best business writers, Collins Hemingway, co-author with Bill Gates of the #1 bestseller Business at the Speed of Thought. So whether you're seeking to reignite growth or planning your first store, Built for Growth will be utterly indispensable. Foreword by Jeff Brotman, Co-founder and Chairman of Costco, the world's #1 warehouse club.
  • Moral Intelligence:  Through a combination of research, and original thought leadership, the authors demonstrate how the best performing companies have leaders who actively apply moral values to achieve enduring personal and organizational success. These individuals exhibit moral intelligence: a strong moral compass and the ability to follow it, even in a world that may reward bad behavior in the short run. Lennick and Kiel reveal how dozens of companies benefit from the moral intelligence of their leaders. The authors help you build the specific moral competencies leaders need: integrity, responsibility, compassion, forgiveness, and more. They offer detailed guidance on being a moral leader in large organizations and entrepreneurial ventures, as well as a step-by-step plan for strengthening moral skills wherever you are. This book also includes the new Moral and Emotional Competency Inventory (MECI): an indispensable metric to assess where you stand right now. In recent years, companies have discovered the value of emotional intelligence (EI). But EI isn't enough: only leaders with strong moral intelligence can build the trust and commitment that are the foundation of truly great businesses. Be one of those leaders, lead one of those companies, with Moral Intelligence.
  • The Design of Things to Come:  The iPod is a harbinger of a revolution in product design: innovation that targets customer emotion, self-image, and fantasy, not just product function. You'll read the hidden stories behind BodyMedia's SenseWear body monitor, Herman Miller's Mirra Chair, Swiffer's mops, OXO's potato peelers, Adidas' intelligent shoes, the new Ford F-150 pickup truck, and many other winning innovations. You'll meet the innovators, learning how they inspire and motivate their people, as they shepherd their visions through corporate bureaucracy to profitable reality. These design revolutionaries have a healthy respect for the huge cultural and economic forces swirling around them, but they've gotten past the fear of failure, in order to surf the biggest waves--and deliver the most exciting breakthroughs. Along the way, the authors deconstruct the entire process of design innovation, showing how it really works, and how today's smartest companies are innovating more effectively than ever before. The Design of Things to Come will fascinate you-whether you're a consumer who's intrigued by innovation or an executive who wants to deliver more of it.
  • Don't Just Relate--Advocate!:  Today’s customers have unprecedented power. They know it, and they’re wielding that power as never before. As a business, you can fight them -- and lose. Or you can become a true customer advocate, and win. Customer advocacy means becoming a faithful representative of your customers’ interests. It means providing your customers and prospects with open, honest and complete information (because your customer will discover the truth no matter what you do). It means talking with customers, not at them -- really. In most companies, customer advocacy requires a massive transformation in both culture and process. In this book, one of the world’s leading marketing innovators shows why you must make that transformation, and how to make it work. MIT’s Glen Urban covers the entire “pyramid” of customer advocacy: the “base” (starting with TQM and customer satisfaction initiatives); the “middle” (relationship marketing); and the “pinnacle”: new advocacy techniques built on trust, not coercion. Companies from GM to Intel, Qwest to John Deere are beginning to recognize the urgent importance of customer advocacy. Urban reveals what they’re trying, and what challenges they’re up against -- and identifies crucial lessons for earning the customer trust you need to thrive in today’s radically changed business environment.

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