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Turning Learning Right Side Up: Putting Education Back on Track

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Turning Learning Right Side Up: Putting Education Back on Track


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The radically new future of education: reinventing learning for the 21st century, and beyond.

  • Taking on the very deepest questions: What is education for? What should we teach? Who should teach? Where? How? Who should be in charge? And who pays?
  • Reinventing lifelong learning: crafting the ideal education for children, college students, working people, retirees... everyone!
  • By two of the world's leading experts in driving fundamental change.
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    • Copyright 2008
    • Dimensions: 6x9
    • Pages: 224
    • Edition: 1st
    • Book
    • ISBN-10: 0-13-234649-4
    • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-234649-8
    • eBook (Adobe DRM)
    • ISBN-10: 0-13-713552-1
    • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-713552-3

    In the age of the Internet, we educate people much as we did during the Industrial Revolution. We educate them for a world that no longer exists, instilling values antithetical to those of a free, 21st century democracy. Worst of all, too many schools extinguish the very creativity and joy they ought to nourish.

    In Turning Learning Right Side Up, legendary systems scientist Dr. Russell Ackoff and “in-the-trenches” education innovator Daniel Greenberg offer a radically new path forward. In the year’s most provocative conversation, they take on the very deepest questions about education: What should be its true purpose? Do classrooms make sense anymore? What should individuals contribute to their own education? Are yesterday’s distinctions between subjects--and between the arts and sciences--still meaningful? What would the ideal lifelong education look like--at K-12, in universities, in the workplace, and beyond?

    Ackoff and Greenberg each have experience making radical change work--successfully. Here, they combine deep idealism with a relentless focus on the real world--and arrive at solutions that are profoundly sensible and powerfully compelling.

    Why today’s educational system fails--and why superficial reforms won’t help
    The questions politicians won’t ask--and the answers they don’t want to hear

    How do people learn--and why do they choose to learn?
    Creating schools that reflect what we know about learning

    In a 21st century democracy, what values must we nurture?
    ...and why aren’t we nurturing them?

    How can tomorrow’s “ideal schools” be operated and funded?
    A plan that cuts through political gridlock and can actually work

    Beyond schools: building a society of passionate lifelong learners
    Learning from childhood to college to workplace through retirement

    Reinventing Learning for the Next Century: How We Can, and Why We Must

    An extraordinary conversation about the very deepest questions...

    Today, what is education for?

    Where should it take place? How? When?

    What is the ideal school?

    The ideal lifelong learning experience?

    Who should be in charge of education?

    And who pays for it all?

    Over the past 150 years, virtually everything has changed...except education. Schools were designed as factories, to train factory workers. The factories are gone, but the schools haven’t changed. It’s time for us to return to first principles...or formulate new first principles...and reimagine education from the ground up.

    In Turning Learning Right Side Up, two of this generation’s most provocative thinkers--and practical doers--have done just that. They draw on the latest scientific research, the most enduring human wisdom, and their unique lifelong personal experiences transforming institutions that resist change. And, along the way, they offer a powerful blueprint for a thriving society of passionate lifelong learners.

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    What Education Is About

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    Table of Contents

    About the Authors ix

    Preface: Why, and How, This Book Was Written xii

    Introduction: What Education Is About xiii

    Part 1: Where Today’s Educational System Fails 1

    Chapter 1: Learning and Teaching 3

    Chapter 2: The Classroom Environment 23

    Chapter 3: Subjects and Disciplines 39

    Chapter 4: The New World 49

    Chapter 5: Antidemocratic Schooling 65

    Chapter 6: Factors That Resist Change 71

    Part 2: Factors That Contribute to Education 77

    Chapter 7: The Environment a Developed Society Provides for Individual Realization 79

    Chapter 8: The Special Demands the Environment of a Liberal Democracy Places on Individual Realization 91

    Chapter 9: What Individuals Contribute to Their Own Education 99

    Chapter 10: The Place of Arts 107

    Part 3: Envisioning Ideal Lifelong Education 119

    Chapter 11: Why, and How, We Should Be Envisioning an Ideal Educational Environment 121

    Chapter 12: The Preschool Years 125

    Chapter 13: A New Look at Schools K-12 135

    Chapter 14: The College and University Experience 139

    Chapter 15: Education and the Working Life 147

    Chapter 16: Taking "Retire" Out of Retirement 151

    Part 4: Excursus: Funding Ideal Schools 153

    Appendix: Sudbury Valley School 159

    Postscript 173

    Endnotes 175

    Index 187


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