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The Basics of Data Analytics for Corporate Debt Markets
The corporate debt markets are dynamic, not static, and analytics is necessary to see how the markets are changing. Robert S. Kricheff explains the basics of data analytics as related to the corporate debt market in this introduction to his book.
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By Robert S. KricheffMar 5, 2014
Rule Based Volatility Investment
Before investing in volatility, it’s crucial to understand on a fundamental level where the potential profit comes from and why. Selling volatility is a profitable strategy that requires only the recognition that investors will always be willing to pay for protection against uncertainty.
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By Chiente HsuFeb 27, 2014
Stocks Under Rocks: How to Uncover Overlooked, Profitable Market Opportunities
Peter Ricchiuti introduces his book, which explains how to master do-it-yourself research techniques for uncovering today’s best small-cap equity opportunities.
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By Peter RicchiutiJan 14, 2014
Clyde AndersonFundaMENTAL W.E.A.L.T.H. Principles: My Story
Clyde Anderson shares his personal story of how he learned to foster a positive relationship with money and adopt a new mindset and perspective regarding the true benefits and rewards of successful financial management.
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By Clyde AndersonNov 18, 2013

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Michael ThomsettHow to Improve Your Odds with Put Ratio Backspreads

Traders tend to view the put ratio backspread as a bear strategy, because it employs puts. However, it is actually a volatility strategy.

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By Michael C. ThomsettNo CommentsDecember 18, 2012
Topics: Finance & Investing
Michael ThomsettOptions: A Holiday Poem

The month is slipping away quickly, so I thought I should hurry up and post my annual holiday options poem. Here it is ...

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By Michael C. ThomsettNo CommentsDecember 12, 2012
Topics: Finance & Investing
Michael ThomsettOptions Trading - the B-S Pricing Model

The big question, of course, is: How can we rely on a formula with a series of variables that are provably inaccurate and based on a flawed assumptions, exponentially inaccurate variables, and outdated models about the nature of options?

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By Michael C. ThomsettNo CommentsDecember 7, 2012
Topics: Finance & Investing
Michael ThomsettWilliam Shakespeare: A Sonnet about Options?

Did William Shakespeare trade options? -- from ThomsettOptions.com

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By Michael C. ThomsettNo CommentsNovember 2, 2012
Topics: Finance & Investing

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