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Bashker D. BiswasSetting the Stage for Employee Benefits Design and Planning
This chapter addresses the concept of employee benefits, presents various categories of employee benefits, discusses the employee benefit environment, discusses the strategic considerations in designing employee benefit programs, explains the integrated system approach to plan employee benefits, and discusses the cost dimension of employee benefits.
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By Bashker D. BiswasMay 5, 2014
William G. Castellano Welcome to the New Normal of Talent Management
Bill Castellano presents a comprehensive, innovative model of workforce engagement that responds to today’s new realities, and helps you anticipate tomorrow’s.
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By William G. CastellanoSep 25, 2013
James C. SesilChallenges and Opportunities with Optimal HR Decision Making and How Advanced Analytics Can Help
James C. Sesil introduces his book, which explains how to dramatically improve human capital management decisions by applying advanced analytics and "Big Data" technologies and processes.
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By James C. SesilSep 23, 2013
Featured Article: OM in the News: Human Resource Strategy and the Remote Worker
Barry Render considers whether working from home may hinder your chances of getting promoted.
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By Barry RenderApr 17, 2013

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Keely HildThe FT Press 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, now's the time to start checking things off of your Holiday Shopping List!  We've pulled together a list of books that would make a great gift for your colleagues, friends and family this holiday season to get them off on the right foot for the New Year.  Give the gift of learning with FT Press!

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By Keely HildNo CommentsNovember 27, 2013
Topics: Business Communication,Marketing,Management & Leadership,Human Resources,Business books,Politics,Ideas,Advertising,Finance & Investing
Lonnie PacelliGetting Invited Back for a Second Interview

It's happened to many of us.  We go through a first interview thinking we've nailed it but the phone doesn't ring for a second interview.  Sometimes it's due to poor job fit, but at other times there's something we've done which leaves a bad taste in the prospective employer's mouth.  Watch for these problem areas and increase the likelihood of a call-back...

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By Lonnie PacelliNo CommentsOctober 20, 2008
Topics: Business Communication,Management & Leadership,Self Improvement,Human Resources,Author Tips
The Magic of Motivation

Have you ever tried to get someone to do something he or she didn’t want to do?  Did you try explaining all the mutual benefits, good reasons, rationale, win/win outcomes, and still get nowhere?  Did it leave you wondering what went wrong?

The answer might lie in motivation.

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By Edward G. MuzioNo CommentsMarch 24, 2008
Topics: Business Communication,Management & Leadership,Self Improvement,Human Resources,Business books,Ideas,Author Tips
Making the Leap to Leadership

It happens all the time: the outstanding worker promoted to management, the star performer as leader.  Maybe it’s happened to you, or to someone you know.  Maybe it happened to your own boss.  Sometimes it’s a recipe for disaster.

Why? Keep reading...
By Edward G. MuzioNo CommentsMarch 17, 2008
Topics: Business Communication,Management & Leadership,Self Improvement,Human Resources,Business books,Ideas

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