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Bashker D. BiswasSetting the Stage for Employee Benefits Design and Planning
This chapter addresses the concept of employee benefits, presents various categories of employee benefits, discusses the employee benefit environment, discusses the strategic considerations in designing employee benefit programs, explains the integrated system approach to plan employee benefits, and discusses the cost dimension of employee benefits.
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By Bashker D. BiswasMay 5, 2014
Introduction to Project Management Schedule and Cost Control
The success of a project ultimately depends on how well the project manager is armed with tools and techniques for project development. You will find those tools and techniques in A Comprehensive Guide to Project Management Schedule and Cost Control: Methods and Models for Managing the Project Lifecycle, as the author explains in this introduction.
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By Randal WilsonApr 29, 2014
Building Business on Love and Care
The authors of Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose, 2nd Edition introduce their book, which uncovers a holistic truth: that customers are best served by companies that create superior value and have close relationships with all their stakeholders—employees, suppliers, the communities in which they operate, and, of course, their stockholders.
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By Rajendra S. Sisodia, Jagdish N. Sheth, David B. WolfeMar 4, 2014
Meeting Customers' Real Needs: The Nature of Service System Design
As a supply chain manager, service system design is a core and vital aspect of your job. Your company’s identity—and future—is defined by its ability to meet customers' real needs. Yet, despite its importance, few companies excel at creating remarkable customer experiences. This chapter addresses the question, “Why is it so hard to improve customer satisfaction?”
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By CSCMP, Stanley E. Fawcett, Amydee M. FawcettFeb 10, 2014

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Keely HildThe FT Press 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, now's the time to start checking things off of your Holiday Shopping List!  We've pulled together a list of books that would make a great gift for your colleagues, friends and family this holiday season to get them off on the right foot for the New Year.  Give the gift of learning with FT Press!

See the list!
By Keely HildNo CommentsNovember 27, 2013
Topics: Business Communication,Marketing,Management & Leadership,Human Resources,Business books,Politics,Ideas,Advertising,Finance & Investing
Lonnie PacelliLeading on the Edge Report - December 1, 2008

For those of you in the United States I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and that you had plenty of time to spend enjoying your loved ones.  We spent the week in Phoenix where we enjoyed time with terrific family and friends.  I planned on doing my newsletter over the holiday but had too much fun doing little things with my wife and kids. Precious times indeed.    

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By Lonnie PacelliNo CommentsDecember 1, 2008
Topics: Business Communication,Management & Leadership,Self Improvement,Business books,Ideas,Author Tips
Lonnie PacelliLeading on the Edge Report - November 15, 2008

The United States and the rest of the world has been watching the Presidential election with a wide range of emotions including fear, excitement, uncertainty, angst, and wonder.  History was made with the election of Barack Obama.  Many were elated, many were disappointed.  Regardless of political affiliation, my faith tells me to respect the authority of our leaders and to pray for them.  President-elect Obama has many challenges facing him and he deserves our respect as leader and commander in chief. 

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By Lonnie PacelliNo CommentsNovember 10, 2008
Topics: Business Communication,Management & Leadership,Self Improvement,Ideas,Author Tips
Lonnie PacelliLeading on the Edge Report - November 1, 2008
I hope that during these times you are keeping your head above water and keeping good balance in your work and personal life. It’s going to be a busy couple of months for me between writing, speaking engagements, and consulting aside from my important role as a husband, father and friend. I talk a lot about keeping work/life balance not only for you but also as a reminder for me. Heaven knows I need it!
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By Lonnie PacelliNo CommentsOctober 29, 2008
Topics: Business Communication,Management & Leadership,Self Improvement,Business books,Author Tips

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