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Forces Shaping the Corporate Learning Function
This chapter presents the corporate learning function in the context of the rapidly changing learning landscape. It illustrates how several challenges are generating intense pressure on the corporate learning function to keep pace with a set of new norms for how organizations develop human resources. These challenges are changing the way people learn.
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By Ibraiz TariqueMay 28, 2014
A Guide to Greater Success in School: Ownership and Owning Your Own Life
What does it mean to have ownership of an experience, or of your life in general? In order for you to take ownership of your job as a student, you must first understand what the characteristics of ownership are.
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By Megan StoneMar 12, 2014
What Is Networking, and Is It Any Different for African Americans Than Anyone Else?
The authors of Networking for Black Professionals explain what networking is, why networking works, and how it can work for you.
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By N. Thompson, Michael Lawrence Faulkner, Andrea NierenbergJan 3, 2014
Andrea NierenbergNetwork Like You Mean It: Who Do You Know?
When you think long enough about the people you’ve connected with throughout your life, you’ll realize that you’re in a much better position than you might have originally thought.
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By Andrea NierenbergDec 11, 2013

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